How to Remove Tire from Rim? Step by Step Guide

Tire changing machines for motorcycles and cars are an indispensable device in today's auto-motorcycle repair shops. However, to buy products of excellent quality and with competitive prices, customers need to find reputable addresses and are trusted by many craft workers.

In companies or reputable workshops, there will be professional technical teams that guide the installation and use of tire removal machines according to the manufacturer's procedures. The following article will guide you on how to remove tire from rim with a car tire changing machine and by hand.

How to Remove Tire from Rim

In the car there is always a place to store the above items, always have these tools ready in the car before going anywhere, because trouble can happen at any time. You should be proactive in every possible situation.

Method 1: How to remove a tire from a rim by hand

Removing tires is a matter for the professional. Because if you do not do it right, you can seriously damage tires and rims and endanger your safety. If you have a lot of manual skills and are an accomplished screwdriver, you can lift the tire from the rim by hand with an assembly iron (better with two).

Step 1: Move the vehicle to a spacious location

Removing a tire can be annoying. So, it is dangerous to do it in the middle of the road. It is because you may get stuck in the middle of the road while riding. Hence, please move to a spacious position to remove the tires.

Step 2: Disassemble the valve and the tire

On the tire, there will be a piece of rubber that is the air valve. In this step, screw the valve cap in the counterclockwise direction. Using the valve remove tool will deflate the tire. After performing the above operations, place the tire on the ground to remove the tire.

Step 3: Break the tire bead

Tires and rims are always fastened together with special glue. Use strong glue and seal so that they do not fall off. When you want to remove a tire, break the glue and stick the tire to the rim firmly. To break the grain of the wheel, you have two ways: manual tools as use a large flat-tip screwdriver or use your strength.

Step 4: Disassemble the old tire

When making the removal of tires that are prone to slippage, place a mat under the tire. Use foot force on both sides of the tire to reduce the chance of scratches and increase leverage. While removing the tire from the place, you may need to apply some hard grease to the surface.

Step 5: Use a little oil or soap

After removing the tire from the rim, you will install a new tire. So you need to use oil to apply the inside of the tire to avoid scratching the rims. If there is no oil, you can replace it with another liquid such as soap.

Step 6: Put new tires on the rims

You may now want to put new tires on the rims so you can continue to use them. You can use specialized tools if you do not have time. Inflate your tires and use them right away.

What to do with old tires?

If you want to reuse the tire, we should place a pressure piece with rounded corners between the other vice jaw and the tire rubber. Otherwise, the sharp edges will damage the flanks. The pressure point of the vice should be very close to the rim shoulder.

It requires the mentioned mounting iron to pull it off. First, you press the tire on one side with both hands firmly into the low bed and then push it to the opposite side. There you put the tire iron on and lever the rubber over the rim flange with little effort.

How to Remove Tire from Rim

Method 2: How to remove tire from rim by tire changing machine

Why should you use a tire-changing machine?

Car tires fit so tightly to the wheel that the human force can not remove them. Especially for large trucks, it becomes even more difficult. It is the reason people need specialized tire entry and exit devices called tire entry machines. Here are the reasons to use this device.

  • The machine has a modern design, suitable for use with many types of tires.
  • The device helps to manipulate the tire in and out quickly and easily.
  • The product structure is strong, strong impact force needs to be flexible and firm. The tire changer is suitable for many tires, from the smallest to the largest.
  • The speculum is small and moves flexibly in many positions.
  • Getting in and out of the tire is convenient and safe, without damaging the rims.
  • Using a tire changing machine will help save time and effort during vehicle maintenance and repair.

Use the tire changing machine in the following sequence to achieve the best effect but no less quickly. Before getting into work:

  • Before entering and exiting the tire, it is necessary to check the oil. If it is lacking, we must replenish it.
  • Adjust the pressure between 13 to 18 Lb. Rely on the pressure gauge to adjust the steam accordingly. Clockwise is increasing pressure, counterclockwise is decreasing pressure.
  • Adjusting the amount of machine maintenance oil is like checking the air in the tire based on the pressure gauge.

Step by step guide:

Step 1: Remove the tire from your car

First, you need to use a tire jack to lift the wheel that you need to change the tire on. Then use a wrench to unscrew all the bolts. Next, deflate the tire that needs to be replaced.

Step 2: Remove tire beads

Tires and rims are bonded together with glue so that the tire does not come apart when moving. So, to remove the tire from the rim, you need to remove this glue. To separate the tire and rim, you need to use a tire bead breaker.

Step 3: Remove the tire from the rim by machine

Place the tire between the presser surface and the rubber pad, paying attention to the pressure plate with the wheel wall in balance.

Once you have removed the seal between the tire and the rim, for easy separation of the tire, you need to apply lubricant to the gaps between the tire and the rim and use a tire iron to create a gap between the rim and the tire. The use of lubricants both helps to prevent the rims from being scratched and the tires to easily separate from the rims.

After one side of the tire has been separated from the rim, simply repeat the above steps with the other side of the tire, the process of removing the tire from the rim will be complete.


In the maintenance of cars and heavy-duty vehicles, people need to use specialized tire entry and exit equipment. It is a tire machine. It makes the tire removal process quick and convenient. The above is a manual on how to remove tire from rim and how to use the tire machine. We hope you can remove tires from the rim effectively.

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