How to Turn Off ABS Light? Detailed Guides with Extra Tips


The ABS refers to Anti-lock Braking Systems. This element will activate the warning light if there is a problem with your vehicle’s brake pedal, alerting you that it can’t work anymore.

So, how to turn off the ABS light after you have detected the issue? You need to inspect the system thoroughly. The code reader can also help you carry the task easier.

This article will give you step-by-step instructions about turning off the anti-lock braking warning light. Let’s join us and learn how to do it!

How to Put a Tire Back On the Rim: A Step by Step Simple

How to put a tire back on the rim

You will certainly be very worried if your car has a problem and you have to remove the tires. After fixing the problem, It’s not easy to put the tire back on the rim.

There are practically countless ways to advise how to fit a tire to the rim, either by machine or by hand. This is also what makes many people interested to find out if a person who is not an auto mechanic or a professional can do this by himself at home.

So, how to put a tire back on the rim? You need to use fire to do this, which requires high safety.

Atturo Trail Blade XT Review: Good Off-Road Traction, But Subpar Wet Performance


The Atturo Trail Blade XT is a tire that provides an excellent off-road experience, especially if you are a newbie into off-roading. It’s also very inexpensive, making it attractive for most buyers.

These tires are designed to provide higher off-road traction than normal all-terrain tires while also providing better on-road traction than mud-terrain tires. In other words, they are hybrids between all-terrain and mud-terrain tires.

The thing is, though, most cheap tires I’ve tried until now didn’t perform as well as the manufacturer led us to believe. So, is it the same story here, or does the Trail Blade X/T punch above its weight? I’ll answer all of your questions in my in-depth Atturo Trail Blade XT review, where I’ll mostly focus on the off-road credentials but also the on-road performance this tire provides. Enjoy!

Atturo Trail Blade MT Review: Affordable Off-Road Monster


The Atturo Trail Blade M/T is an affordable off-road tire that can provide you with the necessary traction while being easy on your wallet. Sounds great, right?

But things aren’t always that simple with tires. Namely, the less you pay, the less you usually get. Now, Atturo is a brand that is fairly well accepted among off-road enthusiasts, especially among budget seekers, but that doesn’t mean a lot, as people can sometimes overestimate the abilities of the products they buy to justify the purchase.

So, is the Trail Blade M/T any good, especially for the price it’s offered? I’ll try to answer all your questions in my in-depth Atturo Trail Blade MT review, where I’ll mostly cover the off-road abilities of the tire but also give you an opinion on how it handles daily driving.

Atturo Trail Blade AT Review: Solid for the Money


Tiremakers like Atturo promise high levels of performance at a much lower price than the premium competition; the brand’s most popular tire is the Trail Blade A/T, designed to provide campers and overlanders with better off-road traction than the existing highway/touring tires.

That said, this is not an aggressive all-terrain tire like, for example, the Toyo Open Country A/T3. Instead, it’s designed to offer a balance between on-road and off-road traction. Atturo does have a more aggressive all-terrain tire for people that want to venture farther in the wilderness, and it’s called the Trail Blade X/T.

But is the Atturo Trail Blade A/T any good? That’s a good question, especially since, in most cases, budget tires have some glaring disadvantages when compared to premium tires. That’s something I’d try to tackle in my Atturo Trail Blade AT review, where I’ll cover every aspect of the tire and focus especially on the balance between on-road and off-road traction it offers. Enjoy!

Nitto Trail Grappler MT Review: an Excellent Off-Roading Tire


Nitto isn’t a newcomer to the off-road sector, with many drivers backing the company’s commitment to quality, without asking too much money for it. Yes, the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T is cheaper than the premium competitors, lowering the threshold for more people to enter the off-road community.

However, in my experience thus far, the less you pay for a set of tires, the less performance you get. Sure, there are exceptions to that rule, so it will be interesting to see if the Trail Grappler M/T can be that anomaly.

So, is Nitto’s mud-terrain tire any good? I’ve put the tire through the paces in off-road and on-road conditions to find out and share my experience with you. Here is my Nitto Trail Grappler MT review!

5 Signs of Bent Rim that Need Repair: What You Need to Know


Car wheels are composed of two main parts, rugged tires, and a fixed rim. An inevitable fact is that for the vehicle to operate smoothly, the above parts must first work in harmony.

However, some factors causing rims imbalance can lead to damage in exceptional cases. In the following article, we will specify the 5 signs of bent rims that need repair, and solutions to this problem.

Nitto NT420V Review: Solid Performance for the Money


The Nitto – the budget-oriented Japanese brand that produces tires aiming to provide a better driving experience without being overly expensive. The company’s NT420V model aims to do just that for SUV and truck owners in the USA; it’s a Street/Sport “performance” all-season tire designed to provide more grip and traction. It also looks very attractive, with a tread pattern similar to track-ready extreme-performance tires, making it an instant hit among car enthusiasts.

Moreover, the Nitto NT420V indeed costs less than its premium rivals, like the Pirelli Scorpion Zero All Season Plus and Yokohama Parada Spec-X. Nonetheless, the experience taught me that cheaper tires usually cut corners in some areas in order to keep up in others. A great example of that is reducing snow traction to improve dry handling and vice versa; meanwhile, premium tiremakers tend to produce more balanced tires that work well in almost every scenario.

With that said, does this tire have some glaring disadvantages? And if it does, which are they? These are questions that I’ll answer in-depth in my Nitto NT420V review, where I’ll cover every aspect of the tire, so you can decide if it’s worth it. Let’s dig in!

Best 10 Ply Truck Tires: What are the Options?


The most full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks, and also vans, require 10-ply tires. That’s because manufacturers can reach the staggering towing capacities only by using 10-ply tires, which are specifically designed for heavy-duty stuff. The problem is, the “ply” ratings are already a part of popular culture; tiremakers don’t use them for a very long time. Instead, you have “Load Range” ratings.

Confused? Don’t worry; you’re at the right place to learn how to compare these ratings. In fact, we’ll jump right onto the matter of explaining the load ratings. Then, I’ll give you my choice of the best 10 ply tires on the market.

Since every truck and van owner has different needs, I’ll include highway all-season and all-weather tires, all-terrain tires, off-road tires, and even winter tires. That way, you can find a product that truly fits your needs. Okay, so enough with the empty talk, and let’s jump right into the matter!

Best All Season Truck Tires: What are the Options?


With the tons of tire options available on the market, getting the right ones can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. If you are in that kind of predicament, this article is just for you. Today I will be outlining the best all-season truck tires that you can buy. I will also answer a few commonly asked questions.