What is Tire Feathering?


Advanced compound technology gave us tires that last for a very long time. Some all-season tires can be used for more than 50,000 miles, and they will still give you excellent traction on dry and wet roads, and some will even work on snow.

Nonetheless, this is only true in ideal conditions, i.e., when the whole tread wears down evenly. In the real world, many vehicles have faulty suspension components, leading to uneven tread wear.

This problematic issue is known as tire feathering, and here you’ll learn everything there is to know about it. Be sure to read thoroughly, as feathering can make your tires less safe, regardless of the weather conditions.

What is Cutting Compound and How to Use it at Home?


To bring back the luxury appearance of a scratched car, drivers often apply the cutting compound. What is cutting compound, and how to use it at home?

The compound is an abrasive material for smoothing a car’s surface. You can apply it to your vehicle by hand or with a polisher.

To discover how this solution works for cars and how to use it safely at home in detail, let’s follow our post!

What Are Wide Tires? Are Wider Tires Better?


The size of the tires impacts how the car performs in different situations. So what are wide tires? Are wider tires better for your vehicle’s performance?

You can consider a tire “wide” if its size exceeds the standard size recommended by the car’s manufacturer.

If you want to upsize your wheel, expect both benefits and drawbacks. For a detailed explanation, let’s follow our post!

How Long Does A Patched Tire Last? Ultimate Guide


What can you do with the flat tire? Some drivers recommend a patch as a durable and cheap solution, but how long does a patched tire last?

On average, you can use it for about seven to ten years. Its lifespan varies depending on what method you choose to patch it.

How many types of tire patches are there? What works best?

For detailed answers, let’s follow our post!

How To Drive On Black Ice? Ultimate Guides For Beginners


Black ice is a term used to describe ice whose colors and shapes blend with the road or sidewalk, making it difficult for drivers to distinguish.

The color is confusing while the properties of the ice, such as gliding, remain the same. Therefore, black ice is one of the dangers of any driver’s winter driving.

In particular, when driving during unfavorable times such as an early morning or late night, or simply on a cloudy day, you are likely to face black ice.

The question is, is there anything you don’t know about black ice? How to drive on black ice? The secret to driving on black ice?

Do not miss any information below if you are also interested in the above issue. Surely you will be surprised by these tips for safe driving on adverse terrain.

White Smoke From Exhaust: 6 Causes And How To Fix It [A Ultimate Guide]


White smoke coming out of a car’s exhaust is not uncommon, especially in winter. However, white smoke can be an unusual phenomenon in some cases.

If you see white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, accompanied by the car’s heat, you need to find out the cause and quickly find a way to fix it.

There are many causes for this problem. To easily control and fix it in time, below is information related to white smoke from exhaust. Let’s check it out!

How Long Does A Tire Alignment Take? For New Drivers


Getting your car’s tires aligned is one of the most effective methods to maintain them in excellent condition and let them work at their maximum potential. How long does a tire alignment take?

The average time for this task is about 30 to 60 minutes from the moment you pull your vehicle into the garage until it can work.

The exact answer may vary depending on some factors. Let’s check our guide for a detailed explanation!

Can You Add Oil To A Hot Engine?


Maintaining your vehicle’s oil level is essential to make sure that it can run smoothly. But when to perform this task? Can you add oil to a hot engine?

The short answer is yes. Many drivers still do so to save time. However, it would be best to avoid the hot engine as the heat may hurt you.

This article will guide you through adding lubricant to your automobile. Let’s read through and learn how to maintenance your car correctly!

Blue Smoke From Exhaust: Causes And How To Fix


During the operation of vehicles using internal combustion cars, the appearance of smoke is not something too strange. This type of by-product is a must-have result of the combustion of the fuel mixture inside the cylinder, which helps to create pressure and push the piston and the shaft to move.

However, we can only conclude that everything usually goes when the smoke from the exhaust is almost transparent or has a very light white color.

If the smoke has a color like black, gray-white, or especially blue, your car is having a problem. In today’s article, I will show you the issues and how to fix them every time you encounter blue smoke from the exhaust.