About Us

Who Are We?

Tireer.com is a website specializing in everything related to tires! We are all car enthusiasts here, with a background in car reviews, automotive council, and mechanics. Hence, we understand cars and driving, and more importantly, what makes a great tire.

By surfing our space, you’ll encounter reviews of the most popular tires on the market, tire recommendations for most popular vehicles, and top 10 articles of the best tires in every category. Tireer.com strives to provide unbiased and detailed reviews of cheap, mid-tier, and premium models since every buyer is different.

Our Writer

Ivo Gievski

Ivo Gievski

Ivo Gievski is a well-known author in the field of automotive and technology. With a strong passion for cars, he is constantly researching and becoming the leading expert on many famous blogs such as autoguide.com and brakeforit.com.

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What Matters to Us?

Safer roads for everyone! We understand how dangerous traffic can be and want to be a part of the progress, progress that one day will completely irradicate transportation-related casualties. And, in our eyes, tires are an integral part of a safer future.

We still see too many vehicles driving with worn-out tires or tires that don’t provide safe traction or grip, especially wet and snowy surfaces. That’s because the tire market today is flooded with unknown brands, which claim to deliver outstanding performance at a bargain. Sometimes, that might be true, but most often, it is not.

Tireer.com is want to be the messengers that would tell you when a manufacturer lies about the product’s performance. We want to do that because we care about the safety of you and your family, but also the ever-present pedestrians and cyclists. Good tires can provide you with the means to stop an accident, and we want to show you which are those tires.

How do We Do It?

Reviewing tires is still in its infancy – most tire makers do special events where we could try their products against one or two closest competitors. The problem with that approach is that tiremakers often choose which tires they want to compare their product to. Obviously, they always select competitors that are worse in almost every scenario.

For that reason, Tireer.com is doing thorough research on every tire that we review. We read what owners of the tire have to say, but also professional drivers, with the latter being more critical in our reviews. Why? Well, we think that the regular driver never drives at the limit, which is very important when reviewing a tire. Notably, every panic braking or maneuvering is considered driving at the limit, which a professional driver can do safely on closed tracks. And, of course, we sometimes get to drive the tires we review, data that we also use in our reviews.

Making a Purchase

We make our living through affiliate marketing, meaning each time you purchase through our website, we get a small commission fee. You are not obligated to buy through our website, of course, but it can help us produce great tire reviews in the future and contribute to safer roads! Besides, Tireer.com is working with every major tire retailer, so we cover every tire manufacturer and model that we deem meaningful.