How Long Does an Oil Change Take? A Guide to Car Maintenance

The most important car maintenance is to change the oil because it directly affects the car's life. However, how long does an oil change take? The following article will answer your questions.

Usually, you do not have to spend too much time changing the engine oil. This length of time depends on the skill and experience of the experts that you trust.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

If you are wondering about the question: " how long do oil changes take?" then there is the answer.

For your car to function correctly, you need to change the oil regularly. Usually, it will take you about 30 to 45 minutes to change the oil in your car. Therefore, you should pay attention to regular car maintenance to get used to this process.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take

This period includes all the steps, from draining the old oil, changing the filter, and pouring the new one into the car's engine. After the oil change is complete, professional technicians will check the essential parts of the car once again.

You can rest assured that everything is fine. Factors to consider during the check are engine coolant. In addition, the technicians always ensure the most stable condition of the car, so it may take more time to repair.

When to Do an Oil Change?

According to experts, changing the oil for cars is based on one of the following reasons:

  • Noise emitted during operation
  • Mileage traveled
  • Used time
  • Engine is hot
  • Driving conditions: Depending on the working environment of the engine such as ambient temperature, dust level of the environment, ...
  • The engine oil pressure warning light comes on

1. Do an Oil Change in Right Time

If you do not know when to change the oil, the best way is to check your car's owner's manual. Manufacturers guarantee complete information about the use and maintenance of your car. A good piece of advice is that you do not overestimate the oil change interval. Although practical experience is valuable, every car is different.

Nowadays, the technology in cars is getting more and more modern. Some cars also remind the driver through the screen when the car needs a quick oil change. Of course, you should follow the warning as soon as possible.

2. Frequency of Doing an Oil Change

Many people apply the "every three months or 3000 miles" for an oil change. However, every car has a different engine and oil level, so you can't use this method well. Many cars have 10,000 miles or 12 months before changing the oil.

Therefore, the owner's manual is an essential tool to help you determine how often to change your car's oil. Changing the oil too often is not good either. If you follow the manufacturer's manual, your car's engine will always ensure smoothness and improve its performance.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take

In addition, the frequency of driving also determines the freshness of the oil. It means you do not have to change the oil as often if you rarely use your car.

However, you should still change your oil twice a year even if you drive less than the manufacturer recommends. For example, you drive 6500 miles while the oil change is 7500 miles.

So what is the reason? When oil is stored for a long time, it is not as fresh as before. At that time, the engine is not guaranteed to be warm enough. The engine becomes wet and no longer works as well as before. You will have to replace the engine with a new one shortly.

And because the oil is less consumed, but in the oil there are many kinds of additives that perform different functions such as cleaning, anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-foam; and when performing these functions, these additives are gradually consumed causing the oil to degrade and need to be replaced.

How Often to Do an Oil Change Check?

To perform the most accurate oil change, you should monitor the oil level of your car regularly. According to the results of reliability surveys, old cars and new cars need regular oil changes.

You should check out the level of the oil at regular intervals 1 to 2 times per month. As soon as you see signs of leakage, you must immediately repair it to ensure the car's durability.

Always read your car's manual carefully and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. For some modern cars, the condition of the oil will be displayed on the electronic screen rather than manually checking with a traditional dipstick.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take

Another caution for those who check the oil level themselves is to park the car on flat ground. Open the hood and start the dipstick test. Wipe the oil off the top of the dipstick when you remove it from the car. Push the dipstick all the way in to get it back in place.

You leave it on for a few minutes and then pull it out again. This time you check the oil at the end by looking at both sides of the dipstick. It is represented by letters L (low) and H (high), pinholes or intersecting in an area. If you do not see anything unusual, clean the dipstick and let it return to its original state.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take

Besides, the color of the oil also tells the condition of the oil. Quite simply, you just need to look at the color of the oil on the top of the oil dipstick, you can know whether to change the oil or not. Accordingly, if the color of the oil is black, it is time to change the oil, while if the oil on the dipstick is orange, the oil is still good and should not be changed.

And if you see the oil is black, because the operating principle of the oil, in the operating engine, the heat up to hundreds of degrees will cause the color change of the oil, during the movement in the engine, in addition to the used for lubrication, the oil also does the job of washing the engine. However, coolant leaking into the engine will cause the oil to turn a milky white. Please take it to a repair shop when these conditions are discovered.


Changing the oil is an essential maintenance job. Besides some small notes when changing the oil, you should regularly check the condition of the oil to know when to take care of your car.
Hopefully, this article has given the appropriate answer to the question: "How long does an oil change take?" so you can organize your car maintenance plan.

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  1. It’s great that this article mentioned that frequent oil changes are necessary for your automobile to operate properly. Normally, changing the oil in your automobile will take you between 30 and 45 minutes. To become accustomed to this procedure, you need to pay attention to routine automobile maintenance. This will be beneficial to my husband, who is planning a road trip this week and wants to be sure that his car will run efficiently. I’ll be sure to remind him to consider the oil change with this in mind. I’ll also give him your advice. Thanks!

  2. In Columbus, Ohio, understanding the signs that your vehicle requires an oil change is a fundamental aspect of vehicle maintenance.

  3. Oh, okay. I bet this article will help my in-laws when they visit an auto repair shop later. Their car hasn’t been serviced for quite some time now. Thank you for suggesting that four times a year is the usual interval for oil replacements.

  4. My sister’s sedan emitted an alarming rattling noise, catching her attention during the commute. Concerned, she pulled over to inspect and realized it had been a while since her last oil change. Today, with a sense of urgency, she’s determined to find a reliable auto service to promptly address the issue and ensure her sedan’s optimal performance. I hope she knows soon that some newer automobiles may display the oil state on an electronic screen instead of requiring you to physically check it with a traditional dipstick, so always read your car’s handbook carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


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