How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires? 7 Useful Tips

Tire puncture or wheel damage is a common situation. Most owners will think this is a problem accidentally encountered while moving the wheel on the road. But some exceptions are intentionally made.

So, how to prove someone slashed your tires? It won't be easy when we don't have any evidence in our hands. You need to determine the cut to know the correct situation. 

Cuts will appear on the side of the tire, which is the most easily affected position. Then look straight ahead and face the cut to see if it is a straight horizontal incision

Once you have identified yourself as a victim, locating the disruptor is more challenging. In some cases, the vehicle has a black box installed to record, but it does not cover the whole scene in hidden corners.

It won't be enjoyable when you suddenly have to spend some money to fix it. So the following article will guide some necessary ways to find troublemakers.

How To Prove Someone Slashed Your Tires?

In this section, we show you many helpful ways to easily reach your wrecker.

1. Get a witness


Get A Witness

If you think this is an act of destruction of property, the first option that comes to mind is to find witnesses. Searching for people around, you may be able to get valuable information or even the culprit's identity. However, when placed in a crowded public area, this method is not too effective.

Try to recall anyone acting suspiciously lately, often go around your car. Otherwise, it may be random acts of strangers to harass unconsciously.

2. Open confession

The police will not be able to believe what you say just because it is testimony from one side. Your tire-slashed culprit will make excuses, and the lawyers call it: words against him.

So it's best to record the entire conversation using all the tracking devices you can use. You need to work in silence to protect your safety.

3. Take a camera


Take a camera

Installing security cameras around the area is a valuable measure to catch a suspect. If you're sure the tires have been slashed, go around the area looking for CCTVs that cover your garage, and it's a good idea to get their help.

This is private property, and the owner usually does not intend to disclose the information. So prove to them that this is a severe incident that affects the safety of yourself and your family. Maybe that will solve something.

One thing to keep in mind is taking pictures of the crime scene. Take a photo of the tire to give evidence to the police investigation.

The second is to capture a clear close-up of the damage it has caused to help realize the seriousness of the reported case. The third is to shoot from many angles, covering the whole scene. Finally, take detailed photos of the traces left by the culprit to serve the process of finding answers.

4. You always have to be alert

According to statistics from the police department, the perpetrators committed crimes at odd hours. It is not the night but the times when few people are around, which creates an environment conducive to action. Try to be sober to catch the suspect.

5. Have nights in your car

Another way to catch the culprit in person is to sit guard in the car, which is a relatively simple proof but also fraught with danger. 

You will not be able to know if the culprit is carrying a dangerous weapon and protesting when caught or not. The best advice is to have self-defense equipment ready and bring many people to ensure safety.

6. Use guard dogs


Use guard dogs

Using a dog to guard is an excellent way to protect your property. It is a vigilant animal, and it will help safeguard the belongings belonging to its owner. However, the above method is only applicable in a few cases.

For example, if you are parking your car on your premises, you can leave it to the guard, but if it is mandatory in a common area, this is not very good because there are many other dangers. The risk of harming the middle dog is very high.

7. Use Nova Gas

Here is a little trick to make it easier to locate and capture the culprit. When you are tired of the situation where your tires are damaged by strangers, using Nova gas will be an effective solution. 

If the perpetrator cannot be caught, it is also easy to confirm the hiding position, especially the gas production sites, to help avoid future harm.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We have gathered and quickly answered a few frequently asked questions to give you a clear understanding of some of the issues surrounding slashed tires.

  • Does slashing a tire make noise?

Whether hitting a tire makes a sound depends mainly on the pressure inside the tires. A sizable laceration was created with a small and sharp knife with just a light stab. 

A loud "beep" sound accompanied by an air leak can cause a small-scale incident. In addition, the siren in the car will start when there is a force on the car's body.

However, those with processing techniques will know how to minimize the impact but still achieve the desired effect.

The time to deflate the tire is not too long. When cutting with a sharp knife, the tire will reduce in seconds.

In contrast to the small nail nib, it will only create a hole that is not too big, causing the air pressure to escape for a long time, even a night.

  • Does insurance cover a slashed tire?

The answer will be yes or no. 

There are usually two types of insurance: basic and comprehensive.

You should understand carefully. The first includes bodily injury, personal injury, and liability for property damage. So if you sign up for this insurance plan, basically, a torn tire will not be covered.

The second is comprehensive insurance, including supplemental insurance, collision insurance, and driving-related incidents. Therefore, torn tires in the vandalism category may be reimbursed a fee by the insurer.

You do not need to worry when the above situation occurs, but please note that the process takes a long time, and the paperwork requires many procedures.

  • What happens if you slash 3 tires?

The first thing that will happen is a damaged wheel. Don't take this as a joke; however, comprehensive insurance will cover some necessary claims. 

Many people worry that insurance policies only cover all wheels, not three. We insist this is entirely false.


According to psychological analysis, people who act decisively, infringing upon the interests of others, are often those who have personal enemies. 

The advice we give you is to install a tracking device such as a camera to ensure a good capture of everything.

Hopefully, you will have the best solution if you accidentally encounter a similar situation through the above article. If you have any questions about "How to prove someone slashed your tires?", please leave a comment; we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in the article!

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