10 Easy Steps for Replacing Your Car Battery

10 Easy Steps for Changing Your Car Battery

Step 1: Find the Location of the Battery

how to change a car battery

The fastest and most accurate way to check the location of the battery is to rely on the car's manual. For some new cars today, the hood usually has quite an ample space. Depending on the vehicle type, the location of the battery will vary. For example, it is behind the wheel, in the trunk, or under the car's floorboards.

Step 2: Distinguish Two Poles of The Battery

how to change a car battery

Any battery has two terminals. The anode is usually denoted by a red plus sign. In contrast, the manufacturer denotes the cathode with a black minus sign. 

Step 3: Disconnect the Negative Terminal

how to change a car battery

You will see a negative pin that is secured to the cable and connector with bolts. Use the wrench prepared earlier to loosen it. When performing this step, you do not touch any metal object to the battery terminals simultaneously.

Step 4: Disconnect the Anode

Do the same as step 3, find the anode and disconnect it.

how to change a car battery

Step 5: Take The Battery Out

how to change a car battery

Before gently removing the battery from the vehicle, open the battery compartment and remove any connections such as screws, battery holder bars. Ask someone to help you remove the battery, and the battery is quite heavy, can be up to 27 kilos. Therefore, many people performing at the same time will not affect the spine.

Step 6: Make The Battery Tray and The Clamps of Two Battery Terminals Clean

how to change a car battery

Mix baking soda with water. Then, use a wire brush and gently scrub the item to be cleaned. You need to be patient when doing this step. However, when you see signs of corrosion on the cable or terminals, seek the help of a professional mechanic.

Step 7: Change a New Battery

how to change a car battery

After the cleaning step, take the new battery and put it where you removed the old one.

Pay attention to whether you have correctly placed the positive and negative poles. Then, set up the other components as they were initially by attaching the clamps of the two battery terminals.

Step 8: Make Sure the Connection of the Positive Terminal and the Negative Terminal

how to change a car battery

Step 9: Use Battery Lithium Grease

This solution has an anti-corrosion effect at the battery terminals.

how to change a car battery

Step 10: Done

how to change a car battery

After all, steps are completed, close the car's hood. Wait a few minutes before starting to check the condition of the car. When the car is operating as usual with the lights on, you have entirely done ten steps to change the car battery!

Some Notes before Changing Your Car Battery

Nothing lasts forever, neither do car batteries. It will become old after a long time of use. Through a few signs, you know it's time to replace it. The battery replacement process is relatively quick and does not require stellar techniques. 

However, you still need to prepare the minimum tools and keep a few notes in mind before performing the battery replacement. The battery is an essential part of the car and can be dangerous.

1. Check for Sulfate Accumulation

Sulfate is a blue or white residue usually around the terminal. It is one of the causes of battery failure, so you should deal with it quickly. When this residue seals the surroundings of the two terminals, it can leak acid.

Remember this: use specialized gloves when performing this step. Never touch the sulfate residue with your bare hands, as you may get burned by the dried sulfuric acid.

2. Use Correct Replacement Battery

Using the wrong replacement battery can also lead to damage or some unpredictable effects. To understand the type of battery you are using, go to auto parts stores. Remember to bring the battery's information sheet so the mechanic can identify it correctly.

Warning Signs of Changing Your Car Battery

When to replace car battery? That is the question of many drivers, and you can refer to some of the signs below to be able to identify whether your car needs a battery replacement.

1. Reduced Performance

If you hear the engine rumbling when you start the car, it's time to replace the battery. Another sign of battery failure is the time it takes for the car to operate.

However, there are a few other factors that also cause these symptoms. The cause maybe a problem in the car's control system. It is best to seek the help of professional technicians to determine the correct state of the car.

2. Low Battery Quality

In addition, when you see any of the signs of the battery below, you need to replace it with a new one immediately. If this situation goes on for a long time, the car will be seriously affected.

  • Not enough Battery Fluid

The battery always holds a fixed liquid level to maintain its performance. The car battery design is easy to see because a translucent cover surrounds it. Through that, you can see what liquid level the battery is at. If the level is below the lead plates, consider the car's battery charging system.

  • Inflated Battery
how to change a car battery

Ordinary batteries have a straight and oblong shape. When it is inflated, it means that it is subjected to excessive heat. This situation will prolong the life of the battery significantly, even in case of an explosion. Therefore, you need to make sure the battery does not overheat.

  • The Smell of Rotten Eggs

The rotten smell in the battery is from the sulfur emitted. You will smell this if a battery leak occurs. This liquid also corrodes the posts that connect the anode and cathode. It would be best if you cleaned it immediately, or the car will not work.


Batteries are an essential part of your car's performance. Breakdowns can happen at any time, so keep an eye on your car's performance regularly. Hopefully, you know how to do 10 easy steps for changing your car battery through this article.

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  1. It really helped when you described how we’d identify a dead battery before it affects our car. I think my wife’s car battery is about to die because it’s taking a long time to start. I’ll talk to my wife today when she’s back from work and suggest we start looking for new batteries.

  2. Oh, okay. I’m so glad I found this article because I need to replace my car battery this week. Thanks for saying that we can always rely on our vehicle manual to pinpoint the position of its battery. I’ll try to keep this tip in mind when visiting an auto shop later.


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