Flat Tire At Night On The Road: Best Options?


Car tires can lose air without warning; it is determined by many factors such as sharp objects and damage from the system. However, the urgent task now is to try to fix the problem.

We won’t talk about flat tires during the day, as this is a time when it’s easy to deal with a variety of selection methods.

The following article will help you give reasonable solutions when the tires are flat at night if you are interested.

O/D Off Meaning: How to Use O/D Off Effectively


This article has provided about O/D Off meaning and its usage. The concept of O/D is relatively simple and easy to understand. We hope you can effectively apply the above information.

At the same time, using O/D is an effective method to help you save more fuel and costs. Use case you can rely on moving terrain; O/D will be a good choice if the terrain is flat. On the contrary, you should switch to O/D off mode to make it easier to control when driving on steep and rugged terrain.

Knowing how to use the car’s mode most optimally will bring you the most comfortable and enjoyable experience.

How To Check Transmission Fluid Without Dipstick?


Dipstick helps show the oil level, allows you to know the amount of oil added, and detects abnormalities.

If you have a car with a transmission, you probably already know how to use a dipstick. But new cars don’t have this tool. Many new users ask how to check out the transmission fluid without any dipstick.

Then, let’s find out through the article below to answer!

Tire Cupping: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention


Regular tire inspection is crucial and essential to maintaining the maximum quality of your wheel. Over time, external factors cause it to be partially damaged as worn unevenly.

Therefore, please pay close attention and regularly keep it to ensure that your moving vehicle is safe. In the following article, we would like to introduce the topic “Tire Cupping” and the more complex issues required to understand the tire worn unevenly better.

An Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Curb Rash on Rims


There can be many problems when a vehicle is on the road, including curb rash. They are scratches on the rim or wheel when hitting the curb.

This collision not only makes the vehicle unsightly, but it can also break the structure. So, how to fix curb rash on rims? This article will help you take a closer look at scratches on rims and how to fix them yourself. Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

How to Turn Off ABS Light? Detailed Guides with Extra Tips


The ABS refers to Anti-lock Braking Systems. This element will activate the warning light if there is a problem with your vehicle’s brake pedal, alerting you that it can’t work anymore.

So, how to turn off the ABS light after you have detected the issue? You need to inspect the system thoroughly. The code reader can also help you carry the task easier.

This article will give you step-by-step instructions about turning off the anti-lock braking warning light. Let’s join us and learn how to do it!

How to Put a Tire Back On the Rim: A Step by Step Simple

How to put a tire back on the rim

You will certainly be very worried if your car has a problem and you have to remove the tires. After fixing the problem, It’s not easy to put the tire back on the rim.

There are practically countless ways to advise how to fit a tire to the rim, either by machine or by hand. This is also what makes many people interested to find out if a person who is not an auto mechanic or a professional can do this by himself at home.

So, how to put a tire back on the rim? You need to use fire to do this, which requires high safety.

5 Signs of Bent Rim that Need Repair: What You Need to Know


Car wheels are composed of two main parts, rugged tires, and a fixed rim. An inevitable fact is that for the vehicle to operate smoothly, the above parts must first work in harmony.

However, some factors causing rims imbalance can lead to damage in exceptional cases. In the following article, we will specify the 5 signs of bent rims that need repair, and solutions to this problem.

Can I Drive 200 Miles On A Donut?


Each driver comes with a spare tire to avoid unnecessary risks on the journey. It is called a donut tire because this wheel is not really for long distances.

So, can I drive 200 miles on a donut? With their distinctive construction, these versions can only operate with a maximum range of 50 to 70 miles. Therefore, we should not abuse it to travel a distance of 200 miles.

In the following article, we will explain the cause and effect in more detail.

What Damage Can Happen From Hitting A Curb?


Many people often encounter minor accidents hitting the curb when driving on the road. So, what damage can happen from hitting a curb?

The consequences of this impact can be tire and rim tearing, wheel misalignment, or even steering and suspension misalignment. Your tires are prone to deflation, wear, and unsafe or impossible to continue operating.

You need to find a professional maintenance specialist to check and repair if there is damage, even if the part is not in direct contact with the curb.

The article provides some of the damage that can cause if your car hits the curb.