Causes of Dry Rot in Tires and Some Methods to Prevent It

You must regularly take care of and maintain tires to ensure the performance of your car. But do you know what causes dry rot in tires and how to prevent it? In this article, you will learn the immediate causes and methods of protecting your tires.

How to Prevent Dry Rot in Tires

When the sidewalls of your tires start to show small cracks along with the tread, it is time to take care of your tires. The phenomenon of deterioration of the rubber quality of tires is called dry rot.

At this point, you should get your dry rot in tires under control as soon as possible before things get worse. The methods below will help you know how to prevent it.

1. Regular Maintenance

The maintenance method is the simplest. Although it will take some time, the return will be more robust and more durable tires. To apply this method, you need to do a few steps.

What you need to have:

  • Soap (does not contain harsh chemicals)
  • Wiper
  • Watering hose
  • Tire dressing
  • Tire cleaning

Clean The Tires

When you proceed to clean the dirt from the tires, use a mild chemical soap. If you do not know which one to choose, you can use dish soap. Put some soap on the cleaning cloth and rub it on the tires. Do it until it foams up and rinse off with water from the spray nozzle.

Clean water and mild chemical soap will keep the tires clean while keeping the antioxidants intact. Thanks to these substances, new tires are durable and healthy.

Using Tire Dressing

After the tire cleaning step, apply some tire dressing to the tires. Apply a few drops of tire dressing to your cleaning cloth and gently wipe over the tires. Let it sit for about 10 minutes as the solution takes some time to absorb. Then you can drive or do other things.

Causes of Dry Rot in Tires

If you do not have a tire cleaner on hand, you can get help from auto parts stores. For about $6, they will help you polish the tires. This solution will prevent the impact of UV rays on the tires. UV rays are the leading cause of dry rot.

Check Tire Pressure

Tires only guarantee maximum performance when they are fully inflated. You can apply the throttle method to check if the tire air pressure is enough. Dry rot will become worse when the pressure is not enough for the tire. Worse, the tires could explode.

Causes of Dry Rot in Tires

In case the tread of the tire is worn, change the tire quickly. Thorn wear is also one of the causes of dry rot. One test that you should try is to stick a quarter into one of the tire treads. Please apply this way when you ride a truck, SUV.

If you drive a pickup, use a coin to check. The sign you need a new tire is when you see the face of Abraham Lincoln.

2. Protect Your Car When Parking

Regularly Move by Car

Do not leave your car in one place for too long. When you are not using the car, the tires will quickly dry rot. The tire will be flexible and avoid the penetration of antioxidants if it is used regularly.

Stay away from The Sun

Causes of Dry Rot in Tires

Many people ignore UV rays and forget the damage it brings to tires. When a tire is exposed to UV rays for a long time, it will dry out and develop grooves.

If you often park your car outside, equip your car with a tire cover. Also, try to park your car in a shaded area or in a garage to make sure it is away from UV rays.

Do not Park Your Car at a Gas Station

Be sure to park your car away from the gas tank because petrochemicals can dissolve the tires' antioxidants. When a tire no longer has these protective agents, it will quickly dry rot.

Also, equip a few spare tires for emergencies. It would be best if you also avoided places where electric motors are running. Ignition brushes will create ozone and cause dry rot for tires.

What Causes Dry Rot in Tires?

Many people often wonder what causes dry rot in tires and how to prevent it. However, triggers are extremely familiar factors that you probably do not notice every day.

Unbalanced Temperature

Dry rot can occur even in environments that are too cold or too hot. Indoor temperatures in summer can reach 100 degrees. Naturally, you will quickly see longitudinal marks on the tires. Conversely, cold weather will cause tire wear and dry rot.

Insufficient Tire Pressure

Causes of Dry Rot in Tires

Tires have a specified pressure level, and you must regularly check this indicator. If you do not make sure the tire pressure is enough and keep driving, the tire will explode. Adequate pressure will maintain tire strength and prevent dry rot.

UV Rays

As mentioned above, UV rays cause a lot of damage to tires, especially when you leave the tires in the sun for too long. Although sunlight gives plants life, it causes tire wear.

The Verdict

Tires are an essential part of a car's performance. Therefore, you should regularly take care of your tires like you would when you maintain your car. To minimize the possibility of damage, take appropriate methods. Hopefully, through this article, you know what causes dry rot in tires and how to prevent it.

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