How to Choose the Right Tires for Your RV Trailer?

If you are a travel enthusiast, there will be times when you dream of putting a house on the top of a mountain with a panoramic view, put a bed on the beach with the waves crashing, or leisurely make a cup of fragrant coffee and take small sips to relax in the majestic mountain scenery... Those dreams are completely possible if you have a handy RV.

However, you have spent a lot of time choosing and maintaining your RV tires. What do you know about RV tires? With criteria such as:

  • The size of your wheels
  • The load
  • The speed index

For an RV or travel trailer, the load index is vital. This information corresponds to the maximum load that the tire can support. Under no circumstances, the actual load you carry will exceed this measurement.

Also, as with conventional tires, be sure to place the same tires on the same axle. They must not only be of the same model but also of the same size, load and speed index, and the same state of wear. Thus, two tires on the same axle must always be changed at the same time.

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How to Choose the Right Tires for Your RV Trailer?

Is there a specific type of RV tire?

The only obligations concerning motorhome tires are to have the right size. You should come with tires with a load index sufficient for the weight of your vehicle. So, some utility tires may be sufficient, depending on the model and load of your RV Trailer.

However, rear RV tires often support a greater load than the front tires because of uneven distribution. This defect can be compensated by fitting specific motorhome tires. This solution can withstand higher pressure to slow down their wear and improve the stability of the motorhome. As a general rule, all-season tires are sufficient, except with frequent exposure to difficult winter weather.

What pressure for the RV tires?

Motorhome tires may require varying pressures depending on the model and the type of use. The best solution is to consult the manufacturer's manual. In addition, the manufacturers recommend the intervention of a professional for the change of your motorhome tires.

To avoid the gradual deflation of your tires, you can opt for nitrogen inflation. It also reduces the risk of bursting caused by under-inflation. However, you will need to find a station equipped with nitrogen for this even though you can supplement the inflation with air.

Which brand/model to choose?

It depends on your model of motorhome and your journeys and the total weight of the vehicle. However, we offer you to make your choice below among the flagship models. Three of the most prestigious tire manufacturers, such as Michelin tires or Continental tires, develop motorhome tires. A completely new tire can reduce grip. However, be careful during the first 100 kilometers after fitting your new tires, especially in the rain and in bends.

Leaving calmly a brief update on the legislation

In most cases, you can drive your motorhome with your simple B license. These vehicles are not subject to specific speed limits or the reverse of trucks and some trailers. However, you are advised to slow down on downhill slopes so as not to overheat the brakes. Then, stay in the right lane on slopes of over 5%.

In the event of extreme cold, rain, or snow, and you do not come with winter motorhome tires, please plan the turns and braking well in advance. It is because of the inertia of your vehicle and its premier center of gravity. It increases the risk of losing grip and skidding. We also advised you to keep greater safety distances than with a car.

During your motorhome excursions, take the time to check the pressure and condition of your tires in the service areas. It can support a considerable load, especially if you have not opted for motorhome tires. If in doubt, stop by a garage to seek expert advice. Drive it safe, and your trip will be even more enjoyable.

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Our selection of motorhome tires

1. Michelin Agilis Camping

The Michelin Agilis Camping stands out for its reliability and longevity and is undoubtedly one of the flagship models of motorhome tires. Although primarily intended for summer, they approve this tire for all-weather and have the Mud & Snow (M + S) marking. We intend it for winter tires. In addition, it is a relatively economical tire in terms of fuel for its category.

2. Continental Vancocamper

As being safe in all circumstances, the Continental Vancocamper tire provides optimum braking safety both on dry and wet ground. It will also give you maximum maneuverability and driving comfort and also benefits from high resistance to heavy loads. Perfectly suited to motorhomes, this tire is one of the flagship models in its category.

3. Pirelli Chrono Camper

With extraordinary stability and high resistance to heavy loads, Pirelli Chrono Camper tires provide remarkable driving comfort in all summer conditions. Their wear resistance is also remarkable for tires in this category.


Above all, motorhome enthusiasts appreciate the freedom that it brings, compared to a fixed and pre-defined vacation spot. We can imagine that you are not the type to spend your first day of vacation by the side of a road waiting for a tow truck. We hope that you can choose your RV tires as best as possible.

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