How to Clean Engine Bay for Your Cars?

Cleaning the car engine bay is a necessary job, helping the engine work better and last longer. However, how to clean the engine bay for a car to ensure it is clean and does not affect the functioning of other related parts is something that not all car owners know.

After a period of use, the car will show signs of deterioration. This level will become more serious if the car owner does not know how to take care of and maintain the car carefully. In particular, taking care of the car engine bay is vital and car owners need to pay special attention.

How to Clean Engine Bay

How to Clean Engine Bay for Cars?

According to experienced car experts, car owners should regularly check and clean the car engine bay. If possible, take it to the maintenance garage so that the technicians can clean the car's engine bay and maintain the engine to make the car work better.

If you want to take care of your car yourself, you can also wash the engine bay at home. However, not everyone knows how to clean the car engine bay at home. It is the reason we will provide detailed instructions on how to wash the car engine bay for everyone to refer to.

Why should the car engine bay be cleaned?

1. The role of the car engine bay

The engine bay of a car is the place where the power of a car is stored. A car that comes with good, modern machinery will possess high performance. Along with the control system, the car engine bay will give the user the best driving feeling. It is what almost every customer when buying a car wants to have.

2. The effect of cleaning the car engine bay

Because the car engine bay plays a crucial role, the cleaning of this part needs to be taken care of by the car owner. Cleaning the car engine compartment helps keep the engine fresh, avoids dirt or mud from sticking, increasing cooling capacity. Maintaining the quality of operation and prolonging the life of the engine.

Regular cleaning of the engine bay also helps car owners early detect problems with the engine, electrical system, air filter, or minor details. The situation of rats in cars is not uncommon, causing car owners quite a headache when handling.

In addition, cleaning the engine bay also helps the car sell for a better price if the owner intends to trade it. Because the experience of buying used cars shows every customer wants to own a car with a good working engine.

3. Time to clean the car engine bay

Cleaning the car engine bay is necessary. But when should this car part be checked and cleaned?

The cleaning of the car engine bay may not need to happen as often as cleaning the interior bay or cleaning the car's tires. But the level of inspection should take place regularly. Ideally, car owners should clean the car engine bay about 2-3 times a year.

Tools to prepare to clean the car engine bay

  • 2-3 soft towels
  • Small soft brush
  • Items to cover the battery, air inlet neck
  • Specialized spray cleaning solution: On the market today, there are many types of specialized solutions to clean the engine compartment, such as Sonax Engine and Cold Cleaner.
  • Non-stick spray/glossy spray
  • Drying tool (if any)
  • Gloves and masks (optional)
  • Safety glasses
  • Dust mask

You need to take note: Do not use a garden hose or high-pressure washer to clean the car engine bay, to avoid damage to the engine and minor components. In addition, there are many questions about whether to use water to clean the engine bay of a car or not?

The experts answer that water can clean the engine bay of a car. But we should take special care to avoid water getting into the solution containers. You can mix water into a spray bottle to spray or use a low-water towel to clean. But this way of cleaning the engine bay is not effective.

8 simple steps to clean car engine bay

Step 1: Determine cleaning time

If you want to clean the engine bay, the car owner should determine that we cannot do it through the speaker. The cleaning time of the engine compartment will last at least two hours and require meticulousness and ingenuity. Because if not careful, car owners will accidentally wet parts due to water, engine damage, scratches, or broken wires.

Step 2: Cool down the engine

Before cleaning the engine compartment, the owner should open the bonnet to cool down the engine. The engine compartment often not opened will absorb a fairly hot amount of heat, not to mention the smell of gasoline. Opening the bonnet will help the engine cool down, making it easier for car owners to clean without worrying about burns.

How to Clean Engine Bay

Cooling the engine bay before cleaning

Step 3: Seal the black box, battery, and air inlet

How to Clean Engine Bay

Use items to cover the black box, battery, or air inlet to avoid cleaning these details that will be contaminated with dirt or cleaning solution and water.

Step 4: Dry clean the parts in the engine bay

Pick up all the dirt, small leaves lying in the small crevices of the engine bay. Use a soft brush to clean the dirt and dry the bonnet and oil stains with a towel.

How to Clean Engine Bay

Step 5: Clean the engine bay according to the process from outside to inside, from top to bottom

Use a water sprayer to spray the outside and under the bonnet. Then, take a towel to clean the stains on the car cover. Next, use a water sprayer to spray the minor details in the engine bay and wipe it with a dry soft cloth.

How to Clean Engine Bay

Step 6: Spray a solution to clean the car engine bay

After wiping with water, the car owner should spray the car engine cleaning solution on the parts. Please wait a few minutes for the solution to absorb and then use a brush and a towel to clean all the insignificant details.

At this stage, you need to use gloves and a mask to avoid contact with chemicals in the washing solution. Although cumbersome for some people, this action is fantastic for health. Along with it, when cleaning the engine and the wiring, we should do it carefully.

How to Clean Engine Bay

Step 7: Dry the engine bay again

Use a soft towel or blower to dry, avoid dampness that can lead to engine damage and unpleasant odors due to frequent closing of the engine compartment lid. In particular, make sure the spark plug tip is completely dry.

Step 8: Spray non-stick / shine solution

Many people who have experience in car care and maintenance share that after cleaning the car engine compartment clean and dry, car owners should pay attention to spray an extra layer of non-stick/polish the engine bay. This layer of solution acts as a protective coat, helping the parts to avoid the corrosion of dirt and environmental agents.

How to Clean Engine Bay


Cleaning the car engine bay is usually carried out every six months to ensure better heat dissipation, longer operation, and longer life. If the engine bay is full of dust, it will reduce the heat dissipation process and cause the machine to heat quickly.

If the engine bay is not clean, it is easy to attract insects and mice to nest. These organisms, after entering the engine bay, often bite fuel lines, rubber gaskets, damaging the operating system.

To clean the engine bay, you do not have to take the car to the garage. You just need to learn some hygiene techniques. Finally, avoid spraying water to wet electrical parts, and choosing the right cleaning solution can be done at home.

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