How to Let Air Out of Tires: Easy Methods to Use

How to let air out of tires if you accidentally inflated too much pressure? Refer to the methods below to resolve this situation.

Method 1. Reduce Pressure to Let Air Out of Tires

If the air in the tire is too full, deflate the tire. You can control the flow of air being pumped in through the tire valve. The most important thing is that you have to find the valve body and follow the steps.

What you need to have:

  • Plastic bag
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Screwdriver/Needle-nose pliers
  • Lever

1. Determine the Tire Valve on your tires

The first step is to find the valve’s location on your tire. Manufacturers usually place the valve stem in between the spokes of the tire. It is about 1 to 2 inches long with a short tube-like appearance. The valve has a raised body with a black cap. Remember not to lose the valve cap as it protects the valve from dirt.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

2. Turn The Valve

After finding the position of the valve, you remove it by turning it counterclockwise. You will notice the valve has a raised metal part when the valve cap is removed. It has a pin in the middle with a circular shape. Take the plastic bag prepared earlier and put the valve cover in for safety.

3. Pressure Test

Pressure testing requires meticulousness and high accuracy. The pressure gauge will help you monitor the pressure of the tire. Attach it to the valve of the tire. Screw to fit snugly. The unit of measurement for a pressure gauge is PSI.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

Then read the instruction sheet of the tire manufacturer you are using to check what the leveling pressure is. In addition, if you do not have a pressure gauge, you can order it online or at auto parts stores

4. Release the air with a screwdriver

Find the metal pin of the valve and press the screwdriver tip-in. The needle-nose pliers can replace the screwdriver. At this point, you can feel the air slowly coming out as you push on the latch. When it reaches equilibrium pressure, quickly lift out the screwdriver.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

5. Jack-Up

The rotor and tires are in danger of being damaged if you do not hit the car during the deflation process. Check if the vehicle has a side jack. Raise the car with the lever. At this point, you can rest assured that the air out of the tires is minimized.

To be on the safe side, you should go through your vehicle's owner's manual to see how to activate the vehicle properly.

6. Screw The Metal Pin

The last step of this method will save you time deflation. You align counterclockwise and screw it inside with needle-nose pliers. Compared to pressing the latch, this way will let the air in the tire escape quickly.

When you have completed the above step, remove the needle-nose pliers and quickly re-screw the valve pin.

Method 2. Deflate The Tires to Let Air Out of Tires

1. Loosen Valve Cap

As mentioned above, the tire valve is protected by the valve cap. The cylindrical cap will fix the tire valve at the end. You do not remove the valve cap altogether but turn it counterclockwise to loosen it a little.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

2. Use a Tire Pump

After loosening the valve cap, you install the tire pump into this valve part. To get the tire pump to work, flip the lever on the back of the machine up. The current tire pressure will be displayed on the computer screen in pounds or PSI. When the pressure in the tire exceeds the equilibrium pressure, you must let some air out.

3. Pull out The Tire Pump

This step will deflate your tire. You should not over-inflate your tires as it will cause many dangerous situations. To remove the pump from the valve, flip the switch back and unscrew it.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

4. Press The Valve Head down

You can reduce the amount of air in the tire by pressing the valve head down. Performing this operation with the lid loose will result in significant vapor release. You can feel it.

If you find it too time-consuming, do it on the ground. Place it on the ground gently and press down firmly. At this time, the air will shoot out quickly without you having to wait long.

Why Should You Know How to Let Air Out of Tires?

Once you master the methods of letting air out of tires, you will have less to worry about with tire care. It is not a good idea to inflate the tires to their total capacity. Every tire has a balanced pressure level, and you should keep it at that level regularly.

How to Let Air Out of Tires

Overinflated tires not only wear out quickly but also affect the speed of the car. Traction is reduced, and you find it difficult to control the car on slippery roads. So they can cause accidents during extreme trips. In addition, exceeding the standard pressure level also shortens the tire’s life.

The Verdict

Balanced tire pressure will help the car operate better and not consume much fuel. The performance of a car depends a lot on the tires. Therefore, you must regularly check the level of the pressure and take care of the tires to ensure safety. Hopefully, this article has provided simple methods for you to know how to let air out of tires.

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