What Damage Can Happen From Hitting A Curb?

Many people often encounter minor accidents hitting the curb when driving on the road. So, what damage can happen from hitting a curb?

The consequences of this impact can be tire and rim tearing, wheel misalignment, or even steering and suspension misalignment. Your tires are prone to deflation, wear, and unsafe or impossible to continue operating.

You need to find a professional maintenance specialist to check and repair if there is damage, even if the part is not in direct contact with the curb.

The article provides some of the damage that can cause if your car hits the curb.

What Damage Can Happen From Hitting A Curb?

1. Damage To The Tire Or Rim


Tire damage from hitting curb

Parts that have direct physical contact with the curb are the tires and rims.

The tire damage from hitting curb is the most popular. Some possible damage is a tire tear. At the same time, you can ultimately see this problem with your own eyes and feelings because they will collapse immediately after hitting. Furthermore, because the sidewalls are thinner than the tread, they are more prone to cracking.

One of the causes of tires running out of air after a collision can come from the valve body. This design helps inflate the tire and often protrudes into the inside of the tire. As a result of the failure of the pump valve, the air will leak out.

Of course, they may not immediately deflate, but they will happen the following day when you wake up and get ready to go out.

Another part that can bend is the wheel rim. These are often called wheel rims, usually made of iron, aluminum alloy, magnesium, or carbon fiber.

You can see them curved from the inner and outer edges. If they're bent, your tires can leak gas just as much as if they hit the curb directly.

However, you don't need to worry too much about this. You can completely repair it simply by straightening it. If the problem is more serious, you can easily replace it at any car repair shop.

Because their materials and designs are very diverse, you can refer to many stores, websites, and e-commerce platforms to make the most informed decision. Also, don't forget to read your vehicle's owner's manual to find a suitable replacement.

2. Wheel Misalignment

The subsequent most common damage when you hit the curb is wheel misalignment. Because when a collision occurs, your wheel is affected by the force that causes it to deviate from standard.

Especially dangerous if it appears at the front wheel, the driver will have difficulty handling this situation.

The consequence of this action is that it will be more difficult for you to steer. At the same time, your wheels have to work harder. Therefore, the front wheel has to bear a large friction force when moving on the road surface.

If this situation is not rectified soon, your car will consume more gas, and the tires will also wear more. Moreover, they are not safe for you and the vehicle's occupants.

Even if the problem becomes more severe, your vehicle may not be able to operate and control. But, sometimes, you do not easily detect this condition because its impact is minimal on how you feel when driving.

At this point, you need a professional maintenance specialist to see, check and help you repair them.

To understand this problem better, check this video below!

Video created by Lesics

3. Steering And Suspension Damage


Steering And Suspension Damage

The steering and suspension systems have an interaction relationship when the vehicle is operating. Good coordination will help you have a safer and more comfortable ride.

Therefore, if they are damaged when hitting the curb, your feeling and safety will certainly not be the same.

If your car’s tie rods have problems, you need to fix them immediately because they directly affect your driving safety.

The car tie rods act as a stabilizer bar of the car. They are rigid metal rods that attach important components susceptible to damage during sudden braking or on uneven roads. Moreover, they will help your vehicle to be more stable and balanced.

Therefore, your impact can be so strong that it bends the balance bar. They will not perform well and be difficult to steer, and the tires will also wear out quickly.

If your vehicle has a broken tie rod, you should find and replace them. If left for a long time, they reduce the balance and elasticity of the corresponding spring.

It can cause your next tie rod to continue to fail due to excessive bouncing when traveling in areas with many low-lying, bumpy, or hilly roads.

4. Damaged Control Arm


Damaged control arm

Suppose your vehicle collides with the curb at high speed. In that case, the car's control arms are likely to be damaged because they effectively support the vehicle's suspension system while the car is operating and circulating on the road.

Damaged control arms can cause parts in the suspension system to deviate. They affect your driving performance a lot. One feature you can easily spot is the noise when turning or driving over speed bumps.

Although the control arm is difficult to break, it can be bent when it collides with the curb or large debris and obstacles. They can be rocks, large metal rods, or anything likely to cause damage to the vehicle while in motion.

After a collision, you should check the control arm in addition to other components. They will cause difficulty or sudden problems while you are driving.

However, you do not need to worry too much, and the bushing is related to the control arm. When the bushing is out of rubber, the control arm can still move and make noise. This noise is an alarm for your care.

The safest solution for you is if you hear an unusual noise coming from your car, check it out yourself and find the cause first.

Then take them to the repair shop. Here, trained maintenance specialists will help you detect and fix these problems accurately.


Thus, the article has answered the vehicle damage you may encounter when hitting the curb. Several possible consequences to the tires, rims, wheels, or steering system will cause tires to wear out and be less safe.

Therefore, you should take care and check your car regularly. If recently, your car hit the curb, have it checked and taken to a repair center for a closer look.

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