Car Stuck in Snow: How to Get Car Out of Snow

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a car stuck in the snow, especially when it is a low-traffic road where no one will help you. Still, there are a few tips for getting your car out with no help, such as removing snow from around the wheels. You just have to do it right. In this article, we offer you some ways to react to such a situation.


Car stuck in Snow: How to get car out of snow

Determine the source of the problem

First, take a tour of the vehicle. Check the exhaust, please make sure that the exhaust is free of snow. Although you may have removed the snow around it, but make sure the exhaust itself is well ventilated and not covered with snow. This is important because exhaust gases can build up in the vehicle if the exhaust is not well ventilated.

Then, clear some space around each tire. The best thing is to have a shovel in your car, in your winter emergency kit. But if you do not have one, improvise with what you find. If possible, break up any ice that has formed under your tires.

Depending on whether you want to move forward or backward, you will need to clear the space between your tires and the road to be reached.

What to do if your car is stuck in snow?

1. Try the back-and-forth technique to get your car out of the snow

This method is effective if your car is stuck in the snow and you do not have any tools to get the car out of the snow. First, you need to start the car and turn off the traction control system. If your vehicle has all-wheel drive, turn it on. If you are using an automatic gearbox, choose the shortest gear to increase the power of your tires and keep them from spinning quickly. It will prevent your car from sinking deeper into the snow. Proceed as follows to get the car out of the snow:

  • Start by straightening the tires of your car so that the front wheels are straight for a quick exit.
  • Without accelerating, back up as far as possible. Then, try to move forward a few inches and back up again. Repeat the process until you can move the car a greater distance.

If you cannot exit after several tries, it is better to stop so as not to interfere with the operation of your car.

2. Clear snow around the wheels to get the car out of snow 


You cannot use the first method when the snow gets too thick. You will need to take the time to clear the snow that is blocking the wheels of your car. Please use a shovel or other available tool. If there are hard rocks below, you can break them with a screwdriver. But be careful not to damage the tires. Make sure the muffler is not clogged, then try to start the car.

If the method does not work, your tires may need grip. For this issue, you will need salt or sand that you will have all around the tires. You can also use solid pieces to place in front of and behind your tires like grip plates or doormats. Thus, you will have more chances to swing your vehicle back and forth and get the car out of the snow.

3. Get your car from the snow using a jack

If your tires are too deep in the snow, you will need to lift your car first to slide gritty material under the tires. Follow these steps to achieve it:

  • Find the deepest tire and clear all the surrounding snow to install the jack. The chosen location must be hard and close to the lifting point of your car.
  • Position the jack and start lifting the car until it reaches the same level as the other wheels.
  • Cover the space under the wheel with sand, plates, or any other adherent material. But make sure that the surface is compact.
  • All you have to do is put the car back in place. Then remove the jack and resume your journey.

4. Call for help from others


If you are stuck in the snow, you will need help to get out of it. As you slowly accelerate, you can have a person or two help you by pushing the car back and forth to try to get it out of the ruts. Keep your wheels straight and keep going back and forth until you have enough grip to pull yourself out. If you cannot do this, you can try turning your front drive wheels in another direction.

5. Get some air out of tires

You can increase the friction by getting some air out of tires. Be careful as only do it when you come to re-inflate your tires immediately afterward. You will damage your tires if you ride with them when they are not sufficiently inflated.

Some notes when you are stuck in the snow

  • Don't try to press the accelerator to get out. If you do so, the wheel will just roll in the snow, and bring the car deeper.
  • Turn the handlebars several times to get the wheel to shift from side to side, and push the snow out of the wheel's path.
  • To increase the attention of others, you must turn on the emergency lights, you can hang a red cloth on the front antenna rod.
  • If you are sure that the exhaust pipe of the vehicle is not covered by snow, then you must be turned on the car for 10 minutes every hour, but that depends on the fuel tank. Therefore, when going out, always have a full fuel tank.
  • In addition to the minimum essentials such as a full tank of fuel, and a reserve of Coolant water, drivers must also bring: Spare tire, jack tool, tow rope, essential car repair tools. Shovel, knife, snow rake. A bag of salt, sand. Flashlight with multiple batteries and flares.


The last option when you can't do it with the 5 ways to get your car out of snow listed above is that you need to call a rescue vehicle. Each car is unique, so you must read the owner's manual to find out what is the best method to get your car out of snow.

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