5 Signs of Bent Rim that Need Repair: What You Need to Know

Car wheels are composed of two main parts, rugged tires, and a fixed rim. An inevitable fact is that for the vehicle to operate smoothly, the above parts must first work in harmony.

However, some factors causing rims imbalance can lead to damage in exceptional cases. In the following article, we will specify the 5 signs of bent rims that need repair, and solutions to this problem.

Why is the rim important?

The wheel rim is a relatively obscure part but plays a pivotal role in the vehicle's movement transaction. It makes the frame sturdy, providing a good grip and a solid base that mounts your tires.

A good rim will make the movement more rhythmic, the speed and friction will reach the maximum point between the road surface and the wheel. At the same time, the tire also plays an additional role in improving performance, reducing noise and shock compared to the wheel rim alone.

Wheel rims must always be in perfect condition so that the tires do not leak air. There is always an air valve latch in each tire to ensure internal pressure stability, but nowadays, most do not design a valve anymore, so it is essential to have enough air in the tire.

To put it more simply, if the rim is damaged, the tires will not be articulated, causing a situation of deflated air.

How to check if the rim is bent?

The rim or whatever can't be used forever for a long time. Specific external influences are often objective causes of failure.

If you put yourself in a situation when the tires are intact, or the lock valve is not leaking air, a large part originates from the spine; it may have been corrupted or distorted by the pressure.

When traveling on the road with unfortunate bumpy roads, the steering wheel becomes challenging to control, and this is one of the easily noticeable signs of rim damage.

There are many reasons given in the above case, but the easiest way to identify a rim problem is by feeling or seeing the change with the naked eye through the bent wheel structure.

It is difficult to detect the problem in difficult places, such as the edge of the rim or the inner body. Some other manifestations of the bent rim condition include consuming a lot of fuel, having difficulty controlling the vehicle, losing control of the wheels, etc.

Besides, if you are a non-specialist, the sincere advice is to take it to the maintenance and repair center for the consultants to diagnose the problem.

5 Signs of bent rims that need repair

Here are 5 signs that your rim is in trouble to be more specific in seeing the problem.

1. Damaged


Damaged rims are the most visible sign to the naked eye, but if the bend is in places that are out of sight, such as a bolt hole, specialized tools may be used to detect it.

External environmental forces such as when driving through steep roads, potholes, bad roads, you feel the car is out of balance, wobbly, the cause of the car at this time is the rim has been bent. There are many causes of damage to the rims, such as collisions, long-time driving on rough roads, etc. These impacts will easily affect aluminum rims. Because aluminum is a material that is very bendable.

You will quickly see the positions of rim damage with the naked eye. In some cases, in the maintenance process, experts also invisibly detect the problem of the bent rim during alignment, rotate the tire periodically.

2. Steering wheel vibrations

Vibration is also a common occurrence that often occurs in the case of damaged tire treads. You will see vibrations affecting the steering wheel and the seat because when the rim is damaged, the contact area between the wheel and the road is uneven.

While there can be many other shaking causes, it is hazardous if the condition comes from the wheels, especially during high-speed traffic. To ensure safety, urgently take the car to the center for repair.

Here are the reasons why your rims are vibrated:

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3. Loss of tire's PSI


The wheel is a perfect structural combination between the rims and the tire casing, two objects designed to fit together in harmony. If one is affected, the other will be affected.

Likewise, the rim is bent if you drive on a bumpy road. The wheel will likely lose PSI if the tires pressure monitoring report system regularly warns (TPMS).

Normally, when the rim is not bent, the air leak is very small. But if the rim is badly damaged then you will definitely not be able to drive with that wheel, as the tire will leak most of the air inside.

The rim is at great risk of damage if the tire pressure is lower than the standard because the shock when impacted will be transmitted and deform the rim. To avoid this risk, drivers should inflate to the correct tire pressure and apply safe driving principles.

4. Feel like you're driving on flat tires

The rim is too severely damaged, and the tires are not repaired in time, which will make you feel uncomfortable when moving. Shaking while sitting is a common occurrence. Here are some signs that your tires are flat:

  • Non-stop shaking
  • Make knocking sounds when moving
  • Consume a lot of fuel and oil
  • TPMS notifications appear frequently
  • Tires can be punctured in a short time or explode when traveling at high speed
  • The steering wheel will be pulled to the side of the bent rim

5. Poor brake

If you need to verify the condition of your brake pads, one trick you can try is to stop suddenly. A damaged brake pad may not directly affect the related problems, but in the case of a damaged rim, it can be dangerous when you stop. You will feel the vehicle pull to one side when you use the brake to stop the car.

Is it possible to repair a bent rim?

Experts have confirmed that a damaged rim can be available entirely.

Depending on the degree of damage, the repair method is also different; for the slightly distorted or scratched rims, use specialized tools to fix and balance the shape.

With the rim condition more serious, and the best solution is to replace it to ensure absolute safety for the passenger ultimately.


Depending on the level, the repair method is also different when you encounter problems. Look at the reality to control the measure perfectly. 

With the above article, we have clearly stated the views and the issues related to the bent rim from which to find a solution. Hopefully, with the knowledge that you have read will not encounter difficulties in this case.

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