An Ultimate Guide on How to Fix Curb Rash on Rims

There can be many problems when a vehicle is on the road, including curb rash. They are scratches on the rim or wheel when hitting the curb.

This collision not only makes the vehicle unsightly, but it can also break the structure. So, how to fix curb rash on rims? This article will help you take a closer look at scratches on rims and how to fix them yourself. Let’s dive into this article to get it clear!

Why should you fix curb rash on rims?


Why fix curb rash on rims?

The curb rash on rims makes the car's aesthetics significantly reduced. You should reconsider if you do not pay attention or have discovered this stretch mark without fixing it because this action can cause more severe damage to your car.

If you own a brand new car, there is no guarantee when your tire hits the curb. Reality shows that they can be deformed under significant impact even when they are new. Also, this situation occurs strongly, causing damage to the rim.

The tire's sidewall is of a rubber layer that helps limit external impacts by being flexible and continuously deforming during travel.

It is this feature that is the reason why the side walls are torn if there are many continuous collisions. The tire is very easy to deflate and makes it difficult and dangerous to move.

If this condition persists for a long time, the tire will wear out, perform poorly, and need to get replaced.

Moreover, these collisions can cause system damage such as transmission errors, braces, brakes. They also pose a significant danger while moving for the vehicle's occupants.

As such, the most important thing when owning and traveling by car is safety. Not only is it safe for you, but also your family and other road users.

What causes curb rash on rims?

There are many causes of car rim scratches, from objective to subjective reasons, such as:

1. The rim is scratched during movement:

Do you often have to travel on roads with convex, bumpy, uneven terrain at high speed? It is strong shocks that will cause the surface of your rims to have a few more scratches.

Especially at peak hours. All sorts of jostling vehicles or impatience cause you to make the careless decision to drive too close to the sidewalk, causing scratches on your rims.

In addition, the habit of parking too close to the curb also causes scratches on the rims that we can hardly overcome or can see clearly because the lower edge of the rim is a blind spot on the rearview mirror.

2. Damaged, rusted car rims due to environmental influences

It is the accumulation of road dust, acid rain and hot sun. Over time, these stains will corrode the metal surface of the car's wheels, not only causing unsightly but also greatly affecting the safety of each trip.

3. Car rims are scratched due to improper care and cleaning

The improper cleaning and maintenance habits of most car owners are also one of the causes of scratches on the wheels. From the subjective, lazy to take care of regularly, to create conditions for rust and corrosion agents to invade the metal surface of the rim, to the use of highly acidic cleaning chemicals, creating catalysts that can silently destroy the surface of the rim.

How to fix curb rash on rims at home

You can easily see the dangers of driving a vehicle with curb rash. Here's how to fix this error for you specifically.

Tools you need:

  • Spray paint
  • Glass cleaning solution
  • Dishwashing sponge pad
  • Soft towel
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Tape and paper
  • Eye protection glasses

Step 1. Clean the scratched area


Use a glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the scratched area on the rim.

Step 2. Smooth the rim


Use sandpaper to smooth the rims

Use sandpaper: This activity requires 400-grit sandpaper for metal surfaces. You sand them until they are flat without doing too much with the area where the error occurred.

If the scratch is located near the tire rim, you need to apply tape around it to avoid damaging the tire. Use fine sandpaper to remove scratches, so that the scratched surface becomes smooth.


Step 3. Use a dishwashing sponge pad

Next, you need to use a dishwashing sponge pad to rub over the scratched area a few times.


Step 4: Cover the area around

Use newspaper and tape to cover the part of the tire close to the scratch on the rim.

If you do not take these actions fully, your vehicle may be damaged. Besides, you can also remove the tire separately and cover the no fault on the tire, such as the inflatable valve, screw, brake pad.


Step 5: Spray primer on the rims

Spraying primer is an important step. Start by shaking the can of paint and spraying it on the rims. Remember to keep a distance of 6 inches while painting between the can and the rim. Now, cover fully with a thin layer.

You can apply a second coat when the first coat has dried for about 15 minutes. It happens when the top layer is uneven or too thin.

You can also apply 3 - 4 coats of primer to the scratched area, avoiding spraying on other unscratched areas. Then wait a few minutes for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.


Step 6. Paint Color

You need to test the paint color to see if it matches the color of the rims, most rims are usually silver, so choosing paint is quite easy. Pay attention to paint the scratched part, avoid letting the paint stick on the tire. If the paint sticks to the surrounding parts, you can use gasoline to wipe the paint off.

First, apply a thin paint layer on the rim: Always remember to apply a thin, even layer of paint. Significantly shake the can well and keep your distance. Also, you should choose a solid color between the new color and the old color of the rim.

Apply a second coat of paint after 30 minutes: You need to wait 30 minutes before applying a new coat if the previous one is not as required.

Let the coat dry for 2 to 12 hours: If you want to succeed in this activity, you need to let the paint dry before use. The minimum time is 2 hours after applying the last coat. However, the ideal time is 12 hours.

For details, check out this video!

Video created by Justin Buice

Step 7. Paint top coat

You should spray 2 coats of topcoat over the silver paint to protect the inner paint layers from elements such as acids, salts, water, etc.

Get it dry for 12 to 24 hours: Please wait to repaint or use the vehicle. The minimum time is 12 hours. But if you are too hasty, you can make them ugly and difficult to fix.

Step 8. Finish

Remove the tape and replace the center cap: When the paints are completely covered and dry, they leave you satisfied. The next thing you need to do is remove the previous tape and paper and replace the center cap.

Polish the rims to restore their shine: The final step to perfecting this job is to polish the rims. It will help them look new to the highest level of perfection.


Hopefully, you can repair your curb rash yourself and bring it to perfection through this article. At the same time, you should overcome this situation as soon as possible if you do not want to be in danger.

If you can't fix it yourself, take the car to a repair center. Here a professional auto mechanic will help you do just that.

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