Cooper Endeavor Plus Review: Excellent Tire for SUVs

Cooper is a reputable brand trusted by many drivers. Therefore, Cooper tires are rated quite good quality to provide you with a great driving feeling.

So Cooper Endeavor plus is an exception? What features has the manufacturer equipped for this tire model?

If you are considering using Endeavor Plus and are curious about its driving experience, check out the information contained in the article below.

My actual Cooper Endeavor Plus review will help a lot with your experience!

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Dry                                                           93%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Wet                                                           93%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Winter/Snow                                              85%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Comfort                                                    90%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Noise                                                         90%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Treadwear                                                  91%
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Overall                                                      90%

What are the Specifications and Maintenance Indicators?

First of all, let's learn about the critical parameters of this tire before diving into my experiences below. Scroll down to see the details!

  • What sizes does Cooper Endeavor Plus include?

Cooper Endeavor plus has quite a few sizes for you to choose from. It has full sizes to fit rims from 16 - 22 inches. 

Each size comes with its speed limit and payload range. Depending on your vehicle type and usage needs, you can find the option that best suits you.

  • Which car models does it fit?

If you are an SUV, crossover, or light truck driver, you will be satisfied with Endeavor Plus. This tire model provides reliable handling in various conditions to meet your daily driving, especially with your heavy truck.

  • What method does the tire use to monitor the tread depth?

Similar to many other tire models of the same brand, Endeavor Plus uses a regular tire wear indicator. These indicators indicate whether the remaining tread depth is sufficient for the tire to operate safely on all surfaces.

When tread depth is to a minimum of 2/32 inches, the TWI bars will no longer be as deep in the tread. Instead, it becomes more apparent flat to indicate a suitable replacement.


Tire surface after the first 6,000 miles

  • How is the warranty?

You won't soon discover the TWI bars. Because Endeavor Plus is a reasonably durable tire. As proof, the manufacturer has provided quite an impressive warranty service.

In particular, I was pretty surprised with the 65,000-mile tire warranty, which is equivalent to about 6 years of continuous operation. The upper range is impressive, especially for all-season touring tires like Endeavor Plus.

In addition to the tread warranty, Cooper also reassured me with treadwear's first 2/32'' uniform and a unique 45-day guarantee. These services are almost standard on all-season touring tires today.

  • What are the features of Cooper Endeavor Plus?

As a model for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers, the Endeavor Plus provides grip and balanced performance in various weather conditions.

To meet all of the above requirements, Cooper has equipped it with quite a lot of impressive technology.

I was pretty surprised to learn about its features. Right from the first contact, I was impressed with its symmetrical 5-rib design. I expect the Endeavor plus to have excellent dry handling combined with the advanced tire compound.

The tire possesses high sipe-density tread blocks and rather large side notches. In my experience, this design will maximize power on wet and slippery roads.

Finally, Cooper was quite confident when he announced that the efficient model would deliver smooth rides, comfort, and long life. I am particularly interested in this advantage and tested and reviewed its effectiveness in the section below.

Experience with Cooper Endeavor Plus tires

I installed this set of tires last March on my 2009 Honda CRV, to replace a set of specialized snow tires I used this past winter.

After many months of use with about 6,000 miles driven, I have experienced and done many tests to evaluate its performance under various conditions and got unexpected results.

1. On Dry Pavement

The Cooper Endeavor Plus is an all-season tire designed for crossovers, SUVs and light trucks, so I'm not surprised it's great for everyday driving.

And after about 8 months of experience with this tire, I found the traction on dry surfaces to be very good and it has maintained that so far.

In particular, the Endeavor Plus is easy to handle in corners, and the front tires of the CRV still provide stable traction as long as I don't push too hard in the corners.

At the same time, when going through a corner, I tried turning the steering wheel slightly by a fairly small angle and the steering seemed to respond quite quickly to my inputs, very responsive tires make cornering much safer.

In addition, the braking distance of Endeavor Plus is short, when compared to previous tires that I have used on my CRV such as Firestone WeatherGrip or Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady.

Specifically, the Endeavor Plus has about 5 to 7 feet shorter braking distance than my old tires, which helps me feel safer while driving.


Driving experience on the highway

I also regularly drive my 2009 Honda CRV with Endeavor Plus on the highway. Overall, the driving experience is stable, and the straight-line tracking ability is excellent, especially at speeds below 65 mph. When making tricky corners, the deviation is not too significant.

Even close to the speed limit, the ability to handle dry surfaces is still very stable when traveling at speeds between 70 - 75 mph. However, I did notice a shake when speeds above 80 mph.

Of course, I only regularly drive at about 65 to 70 mph on the highway, so vibration at higher speeds is not an issue for me.

And if you look at their prices, it's relatively cheap compared to other premium brand tires. I'm really impressed with this tire on dry surfaces so far.

2. Wet and Slippery Roads

Wet performance and water resistance are what I care about when buying new tires. Because they keep me safe during heavy rains.

And I was particularly impressed with the Endeavor Plus's traction in the rain. Although it is a budget-friendly tire, I can see that it provides the traction that is not much worse than premium tires I've owned such as the CrossContact LX25 or the Michelin CrossClimate 2.

The acceleration in the rain of Endeavor Plus is also very good, I observed and noticed no wheel spin when I tried to accelerate.

Also, the very balanced handling is what I like about this tire. Along with that, excellent hydroplaning resistance. This was most evident when I was driving on the highway, where I accelerated up to 70 mph and the tires still handled very stably in the rain.

Thanks to that, accelerating on heavy rain roads or crossing deep puddles is no longer too dangerous.

Besides, the handling in the corners in wet conditions I think is good. However, when I try to push too hard at a corner, it still slips a bit but it's not too annoying for me.

Finally, the braking distance is quite short. But compared to the Firestone WeatherGrip or Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires that I used to own, it is still a bit inferior. Specifically, the braking distance of Endeavor Plus is still about 11% longer than my old tires.

I'm a bit disappointed with the wet braking distance but I don't drive like crazy in the rain, so this braking distance still keeps me safe in heavy rains.

3. Snow and Ice Traction

I installed this set of tires this past March, so there wasn't too much snow for me to accurately gauge the performance of the tires in the winter. The road surface has only about 1 to 2 inches of snow and in some places is a thin ice surface that is quite slippery.

However, such conditions are more than enough for me to rate this tire in snow and ice. And you should remember this is an all-season tire, I probably don't need to test it in heavy snow.

Immediately after installing this tire on my CRV, I drove home on light snow and some areas with thin ice in the process of melting. And I was really impressed with the Endeavor Plus' traction on light snow and ice.

On light snow, I found the Endeavor Plus' acceleration to be much better than the Firestone WeatherGrip or Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires I've owned. However, the braking distance on snow is about 7 to 9 feet longer.

In my driving, though, I've seen quite a few other SUVs and trucks slide much longer than my CRV on the snowy surface. So Endeavor Plus tires are still a pretty safe choice in light snow conditions.

Moreover, when driving on thin ice surfaces and very slippery due to the melting ice, the tires still provide quite good traction and grip, I just noticed that my CRV skidded a little, the wheels didn't spin too much before I left that stretch of road.

Anyway, I still advise you to be careful when driving on ice with these tires, because their traction is not as good as on light snow.

4. Is it Good for Off-roading?

Cooper Endeavor plus is durable with good handling all year round. But, it won't be the best choice for off-road driving.

Its grooves are not to be self-cleaning. Therefore, moving on deep mud, sand, and rocks will have a lot of trouble.

It also will not be too durable if regularly rolling on harsh terrain. Some phenomena, such as chip tearing, may affect its service life.

5. Comfortable and Noise

Before choosing this tire for my CRV, aside from the price and overall on-road performance, what I always consider is how comfortable and quiet the tires are. And Endeavor Plus tires have met my above requirements very well.

In terms of comfort, so far after about 8 months of use, this tire still provides a very smooth ride on all surfaces, including concrete or broken pavement. Notably, the tires absorb bumps very well and do not transmit the vibrations to the cabin.

In terms of noise, I really like how quiet this tire is on the highway. I used to have to close the car door and turn on the radio with old tires while driving on the highway. But with the Endeavor Plus tires, I was able to open the window and talk freely with my wife in the car, without being affected by the tire noise like before.

However, on rough road surfaces, I still noticed a little bit of noise. Even so, I am still really impressed with the quietness and comfort that this tire brings.

6. Handling and Steering Feel

Handling and driving feel are also advantages of Endeavor Plus.

In particular, the tire gives the best experience on dry and wet roads. It always handles all my requests well, even when performing complex operations.

Of course, its driving feel can't be comparable with the sporty options. I'm also not sure these advantages can be sustained over the tire's life. Yet, until now, I still believe in the handling and safe driving that Endeavor Plus brings.

7. Tire Durability

So far, after 8 months of use, I have about 6,000 miles on this tire and I usually rotate and balance the tires at 5,000 miles.

With 6,000 miles traveled is not enough for me to accurately assess the durability of this tire. But so far, the tires have worn evenly, and the remaining tread depth is 10/32'', which is actually much better than I expected. (The size that I installed on my CRV is 235/60R18).

I am really impressed with the durability of the Endeavor Plus tires and hope to go another 50,000 to 55,000 miles.

Quick Summary of Cooper Endeavor Plus

I have had quite impressive experiences with Endeavor Plus and here are some things I am impressed with and their disadvantages.


  • Excellent traction and handling on wet surfaces for a budget-friendly tire
  • Impressive dry handling
  • Good traction on light snow surfaces
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Excellent durability for the price


  • The tread growl on the rough road

You can see more Cooper Endeavor Plus review here: Video created by Joey Kerle

Should I Buy the Cooper Endeavor Plus?

After many months of experience with this tire, I find the Cooper Endeavor Plus to be a very good all-season tire for its price. It's packed with features for everyday driving, like balanced handling, smooth and quiet operation on the highway.

The Endeavor Plus will surely satisfy any Crossover or SUV driver with all the above advantages. In particular, it is especially suitable for you if you often travel on dry and wet roads and appreciate tire durability.

However, if you need a tire with a sporty driving feel or extreme snow-handling performance, the Endeavor Plus may disappoint you a bit.

While it is capable enough for safe travel, you can find more excellent options in the same price segment.


Experiencing and thoroughly evaluating the Cooper Endeavor Plus for a long time, I am entirely captivated by this tire model. It is an ideal choice for daily driving for SUVs, Crossovers, and light truck drivers.

Have you understood more about this tire model through the Cooper Endeavor plus review above? Do you have any more questions about how I tested it? Don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Thank you for reading!

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