How Much Do Rims Cost? Get Exact Price Before You Buy

The rim plays a vital role in the operation of your car. If it has any problem, you must replace it as soon as possible. But how much do rims cost

A set of new rims may be about $90, but prices go up when materials, patterns, and sizes change. The rim’s price depends on many factors.

We'll go deeper into the rim prices in this article, including why they are so costly and the elements that affect the cost. Let's join us!

How much do rims cost? 

Like other vehicle components, the rim comes at various prices. A new rim is about $90. We’ll discuss different ranges based on the rim's size, type, and finish. 

1. Wheel diameter

The larger the wheels are, the bigger the rim is, and the more expensive it will be. This factor is somewhat self-evident, as larger wheels require more metal, higher prices.

The price of 15- and 18-inch wheels rises gradually. However, the price of 20- and 22-inch wheels increases substantially.

2. Types of rim

Alloy and steel wheels are the two types available. They have an impact on the price of rims.

Steel wheels are cheaper and easier to install. You can easily replace the old ones with these new sets at ease. Yet, steel products are not available in many varieties. 

On the other hand, alloy wheels come in a variety of diameters and finishes. As a result, they are more costly, and those ready to spend more for a personalized look would like them.

The following are the typical pricing for various rim types for modern vehicles:

Type of rim

Average price per rim ($)

Steel rims

90 - 100

Bronze coated rims

100 - 300

Alloy rims

110 - 130

Chrome plated rims

150 - 290

Painted finish rims (black/white)

100 - 280

Graphite coated rims

120 - 470


The price varies depending on the type

3. Rims finish

Personalization and wheel finish are other significant elements in deciding the price.

Steel wheels, as previously stated, have few treatment options. They often have a black, gray, and white powder coating. 

Alloy wheels, on the other hand, offer various finishes and costs. Some makers even blend finishes to create different effects.

The following are a few examples of popular alloy finishes:

  • Chrome rims

Chrome-plated rims may give your vehicle a brilliant, mirror-like gloss, completely changing its look. 

If these rims are properly maintained, they are extremely durable, although they are not suitable for winter or harsh environments.

  • Black rims

Semi-gloss, satin, stealth black, carbon, matte, and flat black are some of the finishes available for spray-painted black rims.

  • Polished rims

Manufacturers rub the wheels using a machine or hand to get their gleaming, chrome-like look.

Usually, the coat will protect the rims against erosion. If not, the wheels will demand frequent polishing to keep their brilliance. 

  • Silver rims

Silver-painted wheels in automobile styles come in many finishes, including super, hyper, titanium, dark, satin, tungsten, and matte silver.

  • Machined polished rims

For a sturdy, glossy two-tone aesthetic, manufacturers may machine their wheels on the whole surface of the wheel or merely on particular portions like the lips and spokes.


The finish can be different from rim to rim

Why are rims so expensive?

We have discussed the rim price in terms of their diameter, type, and finish. However, the price, in general, is still high. So what makes this component that expensive?

Even if you don't want your rims to be hydro coated or given a different polish, you're probably curious as to why they are so costly.

Custom design and the condition of your automobile are also essential considerations. It will cost much more if the rims need to be specially designed.

Here are some factors that contribute to the high price of the rim:

  • Craftsmanship

Some people like their rims to be custom designed. Then, they have to pay for the labor of creating the final products. 

If the product requires a lot of effort, you may spend even more money.

  • Construction

Single-piece and multi-piece rims are available. Multi-piece products need the hammering together of two or three sections. Meanwhile, single-piece models come from only one bit of aluminum in a specific machine. 

According to specialists, the amount of work necessary to complete these tasks raises the cost.

  • Rims size

As aforementioned, bigger wheels require more metal to construct the rims. As a result, you should expect a higher price. 

  • Retailer

You may get replacement rims from any virtual site, such as the internet, or from an acquaintance. Otherwise, you can purchase them straight from the manufacturer (OEM).

Since OEM wheels have gone through safety tastes and regulations, they are more expensive.


There are many factors contributing to the high price

How much is installation?

If you've buy the your rims and are only investing in labor, installation costs should be approximately $20 to $40 per rim.

Many businesses will offer a discount if you buy products from them such as tires, rims and other accessories, but if you carry your own, you'll end up paying more.

If you are curious about installing the wheels, the detailed instructions in this video can help.

How To Install Your Wheels!! Video created by KONIG WHEELS USA

Best places to buy rims 

As previously said, you have two options when it comes to buying rims: straight from the manufacturers or aftermarket.

Buying straight from the manufacturer gives some warranties, but it might also lead to higher costs.

Purchasing aftermarket from reliable dealers results in better discounts and a more extensive range of designs and customization options.

However, never purchase these products from a vehicle dealership.

When buying a new automobile, salespeople will frequently try to convince you to replace your wheels. The similar rims may be cheaper than the resale or even the maker.

Some people like to buy things online. If you are among them, take the time to research both the supplier you're buying from and the costs of the same rims from other retailers to ensure you get an excellent deal.

If you're purchasing used or remanufactured products, insist on seeing pictures of the actual rims you're buying rather than an illustration. This tip allows you to double-check all problems.

Inexpensive wheel warehouse is one of the top destinations to buy online. Some people utilize their websites to research prices and suggest new products to consumers.


A set of rims will undoubtedly make your vehicle stand out, but as previously said, the cost changes depending on numerous things. For customized sizes and designs, you'll have to pay more.

However, the rim is such a crucial component of your car, so remember to invest in its design, durability, and quality simultaneously.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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