Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Review: a Truly Exceptional Driver’s Tire


The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S has been the benchmark among drivers of performance vehicles, from sports sedans to supercars. The tire is almost mythical in the car world almost half a decade after its inception, and deservedly so.

However, the competition didn’t sleep and launched some excellent max-performance summer tires in the last few years. So, does the Pilot Sport 4S have what it takes to continue competing at the highest level? Let’s have an in-depth look at how Michelin’s beloved max-performance summer tire performs and see if it still deserves to sit on your shiny wheels in our Michelin Pilot Sport 4S review.

Michelin LTX AT2 Review: More of an On-Road Than an Off-Road Tire


So, you want a comfortable and safe tire for your truck or SUV, but you also want some added off-road traction? Welcome to the world of mild all-terrain tires, which are designed to appeal to the modern truck driver.

The Michelin LTX A/T2 is one of the most popular such tires, with many satisfied owners and positive reviews. But should you splurge the cash and buy a set for your truck? Let’s answer that question in my in-depth Michelin LTX AT2 review!

Michelin Defender T+H Review: an Excellent All-Rounder


All-season touring tires are by far the most popular type in North America because they offer a blend of durability, comfort, and year-round traction. However, you can also say that they are “jack of all trades, master of none” tires, and you’d be right.

Still, for the majority of North American drivers, a “master of none” tire is good enough. The thing is, most all-season touring tires aren’t even “jack of all trades” and suffer in major categories. This begs the question – will paying more give you a tire that works well across the board? Let’s find that out in my in-depth Michelin Defender T+H review!

Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek Review: a Solid Off-Road/On-Road Combo


In the all-terrain category, you’ll find tires of different abilities; some are of the “mild” type, meaning they are still geared toward on-road driving, and there is the more rugged “aggressive” all-terrain tire for higher off-road traction.

Recently, there is a category that hit the market – all-terrain tires that try to bridge the gap between the two. A notable example is Cooper’s Discoverer Rugged Trek, which has a fairly aggressive tread pattern but still aims to have good off-road manners. The fact that Cooper, of all manufacturers, launched a tire to bridge the gap isn’t surprising – the company’s Discoverer range of all-terrain tires has four members!

Moreover, Cooper’s brand is also very trusted when it comes to off-road-capable tires, so any expectation from the Discoverer Rugged Trek should be very high. Does it deliver, though? I’ve put the Discoverer Rugged Trek through its paces and prepared an in-depth Cooper Discoverer Rugged Trek review, where I’ll cover every aspect of the tire, including off-road traction, on-road performance and comfort, and durability/treadlife. Let’s dig in!

Michelin Agilis CrossClimate Review: an Excellent Commercial All-Weather Tire


The Michelin Agilis CrossClimate is a tire that promises all the advantages of an all-season tire, like durability and safety, but with higher snow and ice traction. It even comes with a severe snow rating (3PMSF symbol), meaning it was tested for higher longitudinal traction on snow than a regular M+S all-season tire. These 3PMSF tires gained a new name recently – all-weather tires – and I think it suits them perfectly.

Michelin already dominates the all-weather passenger market with its CrossClimate brand, and deservedly so. These tires are the only ones on the market that can provide safe traction on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces while also lasting for a few years. In a word, they are impressive.

But what about the Agilis CrossClimate? Has Michelin employed the things it had learned when it designed the passenger tires in its commercial-grade products? Keep reading to find out!

Michelin Premier A/S Review: Still an Excellent All-Season Tire


If you go into a tire shop and ask the seller to recommend you the best of the best, chances are it will be some Michelin model. The French tiremaker produces arguably the best tires in the business, with an excellent overall performance from almost every product.

The Premier A/S is the brand’s premium grand-touring all-season offering and, not surprisingly, one of the most expensive tires in its category. It also won many comparisons against other tires through the years, particularly in dry and wet traction/grip.

However, it’s also pretty old by now, launched in 2014. In the meantime, both Continental and Bridgestone launched new grand-touring all-season tires, along with several other brands – so does the Premier A/S have what it takes to compete at the highest level? Let’s uncover everything in my in-depth Michelin Premier A/S review!

Michelin Defender LTX M/S Review: an Excellent SUV/Truck All-Season Tire


Are your SUV/truck tires worn down, and do you need a new set? You might be thinking about getting cheaper tires to save money, but I reckon you should first check out the premium tier, particularly the Michelin Defender LTX M/S.

Michelin’s highway all-season tire is undoubtedly expensive, but while reviewing it, I learned that there is a reason why the company values its product that much. Besides, the Defender LTX M/S might save you money in the long run and turn out to be cheaper than most low-cost tires.

So, without further ado, let’s uncover the secrets of this tire in our Michelin Defender LTX M/S review!

Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review: a Groundbreaking All-Season Tire


Michelin is back with another tire that aims to unsettle the industry with its innovative design and a promise for true all-season traction. The CrossClimate 2 might look familiar, as it builds on the design of the already impressive CrossClimate+, but look closely, and you’ll see that Michelin has made some significant upgrades.

With the new tire, the French tire giant focused largely on delivering better snow and ice traction while also improving rolling resistance, comfort, and dry and wet traction. It’s a no small feat, especially since the predecessor was already an excellent performer, but has Michelin done it? You can read about my findings in this Michelin CrossClimate 2 review, where I’ll cover every aspect of the tire in great detail.

Cooper Discoverer SRX Review: Very Solid Dry/Wet Tire for Crossovers and SUVs


Crossover/SUV touring all-season tires are becoming increasingly popular lately, with many tiremakers producing several models to cover the needs of various customers. Cooper, for instance, offers three such tires – the crossover/focused Endeavor Plus, the heavy-duty Evolution H/T, and the balanced Discoverer SRX.

In this review, I’ll cover the Cooper Discoverer SRX, the oldest tire of the bunch, which begs the question – is it competitive? Let’s uncover everything there is to know about the tire, compare it to its rivals, and answer that question!

Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring Review: Cooper Needs to Do Better to Compete


Cooper designed the CS5 Ultra Touring to be a balanced tire and offer its owner a smooth and quiet ride, along with usable grip on dry, wet, and snowy surfaces. It’s also less expensive than other premium offerings, particularly from Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental, but also more expensive than some budget-oriented brands, like Yokohama and General.

However, Cooper launched it almost eight years ago, which is quite a long time. In the meantime, most of the competition launched newer products, so it will be interesting to see how Cooper’s offering fares (spoiler alert: it shows its age). Let’s have a closer look at my in-depth Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring review!