Best All Season Truck Tires: What are the Options?

Tires are one of the most essential parts of any vehicle that needs to be maintained. By maintenance, I mean regular changes to ensure safety during driving. As the tires are the only contact your car has with the surface, replacing them regularly is essential.

Here in the states, SUVs and trucks are quite popular for many reasons - versatility, comfort, slight off-roading, etc. Since those are not your typical hatchback or a sedan, in almost all cases, you will need to get tires designed for those kinds of vehicles.

As you may know, tires are mostly categorized by their performance in various conditions. There are summer, winter, all-season, and all-weather tires, and the ones I’ll be talking about today are the all-season ones. They are the types of tires that you’d use in almost all conditions except in heavy snow.

Another categorization that tires have is how much load they can take. This mostly depends on the model, and some can take more than others. There are two types: P and LT metric. P are the more common ones as they are mostly used for cars that don’t do extreme off-roading or don’t carry heavy loads. LT tires are the opposite and can take a lot more.

The difference is that LT tires have a thicker sidewall, deeper threads, and an extra belt. They ensure that the tire has excellent performance when off-roading and keeps them from squishing when your car is loaded. To distinguish them, you should see the LT lettering before the tire size, while P-metric tires don’t have that.

With the tons of tire options available on the market, getting the right ones can be a struggle, especially if you don’t know what to look out for. If you are in that kind of predicament, this article is just for you. Today I will be outlining the best all season truck tires that you can buy. I will also answer a few commonly asked questions.

1. Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus


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I’ll be starting off this list with The Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus. This is an excellent tire with the performance that you’d expect from it.

Pirelli sells this as an eco-friendly tire, and we can see that from the choice of materials and the design that helps reduce fuel consumption. There are 15 innovative materials combined with the polymer and silica compound, resulting in up to 40% in mileage increase.

The Scorpion Verde All Season Plus isn’t all green with no performance. Considering how much Pirelli paid attention to increasing fuel economy, the performance is impressive. There are some significant improvements over the previous Pirelli model.

You have 4 deep grooves down the tire, which work with the sipes that ensure that you have maximum traction in less than ideal conditions. This means that you get excellent handling performance as well as superb resistance to hydroplaning. Looking at the tread design, you may notice that this is not a tire that can handle a lot of off-roading. On the snow, it’s nothing to brag about but should get the job done.

For ride comfort, while it manages to keep things smooth without too much harshness, the road noise is a slight disappointment. It is not obnoxiously loud, but you can defiantly hear it.

On the warranty side of things, you get a 65000-mile warranty from Pirelli. It may not be as much as some of the Michelin models but is still a relatively long warranty mileage.


  • Improvement from the previous Pirelli model
  • 65000-mile warranty
  • Decent ride quality
  • Excellent resistance to hydroplaning


  • Not the quietest tire
  • The snow performance is below average

2. Cooper Discoverer HT3


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If you are looking at a refined touring all-season tire with outstanding performance, then the Cooper Discoverer HT3 may be the one to go for.

Unlike some of the other models, Cooper took a slightly different approach regarding the groves on the Discoverer HT3. The outside groves are straight, while the inside ones are in a zig-zag pattern. Both combined help when driving in wet conditions by moving the water through the sipes and channels for the best grip possible. The 3D sipes are also there to help you with some light snow, but keep in mind that it’s not intended to be driven deeper snow.

On dry surfaces, the performance is decent, and the tires manage to maintain grip through the corners, thanks to the silica-based compound. The continuous shoulder ribs ensure that the tire wears as evenly as possible and at the same time provides comfort and low noise.

For warranty, Cooper offers a 50000-mile warranty, which is not as much as some of the other models on my list. The good news is that you have a 45-day trial period to test them out.


  • Great bang for the buck
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Can handle some light rain situations
  • Decent performance in wet and dry


  • Not the best off-roading capabilities

3. Firestone Destination LE3


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The LE lineup from Firestone Destination is on its third version, and as the latest one, it certainly is the greatest, offering quite a lot of improvements over the previous one.

Firestone has some bold claims about this model, and for the most part, it manages to justify them. For dry performance, the Destination LE3 is as good as its predecessor, if not even more. The tires managed to surprise me even when pushed harder, something that some competitors cannot do. This also helps with the wear, something we can see from the warranty. Firestone offers a 60000-mile warranty on this model.

The one thing that’s very impressive with this model is the wet performance. You get the hydro-grip technology that helps water escape from under the tires. The grooves are used to channel water down the middle, while the sipes and slots help the tire channel it away from the inside. This provides excellent grip levels in wet conditions, and it doesn’t fare too bad on the snow. While it won’t handle deep or packed snow, the 3D sipe design helps a bit.

Longevity is excellent, on par with the premium tire manufacturers. Firestone offers a 70000-mile warranty, thanks to the traction tech technology, which ensures long life and even wear.

As for disadvantages, there are two: off-road and ice. In both cases, the tires will not be able to cope with the conditions.


  • 70000-mile warranty
  • 90 day trial period
  • Outstanding wet performance
  • Can cope with light snowy conditions


  • Worst performance on ice compared to competitors
  • Not suited for any kind of off-roading

4. Michelin Defender LTX M/S


Michelin has been making excellent tires, and the Defender LTX M/S is no different. This model has several key selling points worth mentioning.

The tread pattern is designed with independent blocks using Michelin’s Evertread compound. As a result, you have a tire with 70000 tread-ware warranty or 6 years. Many people that had them claim that even after driving them for over 70000 miles, the tires still had some tread left. Michelin claims that with this compound, the tires can last up to 10% longer than the LTX M/S2.

On the performance side of things, the Defender LTX M/S doesn’t disappoint. The 3D sipes combined with the circumferential channels and grooves provide excellent performance in wet and snow. Keep in mind that it’s not a winter tire, so it can cope with light snowy conditions. This means that you should be getting a shorter stopping distance. The design of the tread also provides some decent resistance to hydroplaning.

Even though Michelin advertises it as a tire for light trucks or SUVs, it can handle some load and off-roading.

As much as I would like to praise the Defender LTX M/S, it’s not perfect. Michelin’s Comfort Control Technology is present and does manage to smooth out some of the bumps in the road, but the ride can still get a bit harsh.


  • Excellent performance in dry, wet and snow
  • 70000 miles warranty
  • Decent hydroplaning resistance
  • Can carry some lighter loads


  • There are some cheaper options
  • Not the best at smoothing the bumps on the road

5. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus


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When it comes to premium tire manufacturers, Bridgestone is among the best, and when it comes to a new set of tires for your truck, the Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is the one you should check out.

The Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is an excellent touring tire that can handle a bit of non-ideal conditions.

For the ideal ones, they are designed with a wider center rib and larger shoulder blocks that help with stability and handling. The wider center rib also helps reduce tread wear. Traction is not a problem for this model and has plenty of it. Despite that, the tires did handle tremendous but lacked a bit of responsiveness.

The wet and snow performance is also worth praising. The wide grooves, sipes, and notches help channel water away from the tire, increasing grip. On the other hand, on snow, the groves are designed to help the tire bite in and provide traction. While it’s not a dedicated snow tire, the performance is not bad.

Like some of the other models on this list, the ice performance is not as good, especially when it comes to braking.

On the comfort side of things, you won’t find many tires that can surpass these. The ride was smooth, and the noise level was low enough so that you may not even pay attention to it.


  • Fairly quiet even at highway speeds
  • 80000-mile warranty
  • Wet traction is on par with its competitors
  • Sleek design


  • The performance on ice is not the best
  • Not the most responsive

6. Sumitomo Encounter HT


Sumitomo may not be the brand that comes to mind first, but the Encounter HT is an excellent tire that should not be left out.

In dry conditions, the center rib is designed to provide excellent handling and response. The overall experience was positive as the tire managed to hold on to the road. When pushed too hard in corners, it felt like slipping, which most drivers won’t do.

On damp and wet roads, the micro sipes and circumferential channels help with traction. They work in conjunction to move water away from the blocks ensuring maximum grip. As a result, you get excellent handling and relatively short stopping distances. The zig-zag tread patterns help with snow performance. Keep in mind that you will feel the tires loosing traction as snow builds up, but they will be fine in lighter conditions.

Sumitomo sells the Encounter HT with a 60000-mile warranty, meaning that you get a decent lifespan. This is thanks to the non-directional rib design that evens out tread wear.

Being an M+S means that it’s rated for mud. In other words, that’s as much of an off-roading experience you’re going to get.


  • Decent tread-wear warranty
  • Quiet and comfortable
  • Great performance in wet and light snow
  • Decent hydroplaning resistance


  • Fairly unstable on ice

7. Michelin Premier LTX


Even though I already mentioned one Michelin model, the Premier LTX is another one that has to be included in the list. Even though it is slightly older and may fall short in some aspects, it is worth mentioning it.

As with most Michelin tires, the Premier LTX has tons of technology that helps it perform as well as it does. To improve the grip levels, you have Michelin’s EverGrip technology working with a unique tread design. With this, the water gets channel away from the tire, thus increasing the levels of grip. With this combination, you also have excellent resistance to hydroplaning. The tread design is decent for traction on the snow, and even though it will struggle with deeper patches, it should be fine in lighter conditions.

To keep the tires performing optimally in colder conditions, Michelin combined their silica-based compound with sunflower oil. The combination prevents the tire from hardening in colder temperatures, but it also reduces tread wear. As a result, Michelin provides a 60000-mile warranty on each set. This is also backed by the steel belts wrapped with polyamide, which gives the tires their durability.

As for ride comfort and noise, the Premier LTX doesn’t disappoint. While there is some tire noise, it’s far from the loudest, and it managed to provide a smooth riding experience.


  • Excellent performance in colder temperatures
  • Decent levels of grip on the dry
  • Stopping distance is shorter
  • Hydroplaning resistance is superb


  • Less warranty than other Michelin tires
  • Almost no off-roading capabilities

8. Continental CrossContact LX25


Continental is one of those tire manufacturers that make excellent tires, but some people don’t go for them. Despite that, I believe that the CrossContact LX25 is a superb tire option for your truck.

Even though these tires are developed with eco-technology, there is hardly any compromise to performance. The compound is enriched with polymers and additives that improve traction and make the tires longer lasting. As a bonus, this combination helps with the rolling resistance, which in return helps with the fuel economy.

On dry tarmac, the performance is decent but far from the best. While the tire managed to hold on to the road, I felt like some other models can corner slightly better.

The wet performance is where the CrossContact LX25 shines. It has one of the most unique blocks and treads patterns, leading to one of the best damp handling in this class. The same can be said with hydroplaning; it resists them so well that in some cases, the driver may not feel them in the car.

If you look at the snow performance, you will notice a trend. While it won’t cope well with deeper snow, in lighter conditions, it may surprise you with how much grip it can offer. A similar story is with off-roading on gravel or slightly muddy conditions.

As for refinement, I was in for another surprise. On the comfort side of things, there was a luxurious vibe to it, something that I’d expect from more expensive tires. The noise levels were relatively low, even at highway speeds.


  • Quiet at highway speeds
  • Excellent wet grip and handling
  • Can take on light snow and mud
  • 70000-mile warranty


  • Not suited for small, passenger cars
  • Only average dry performance

9. Kumho Crugen HT51


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Kumho is another brand that doesn’t reach many of the top lists when it comes to tires. Despite that, the Crugen HT51 is a decent tire that deserved its spot on my list.

Starting off with the dry handling, the Crugen HT51 isn’t off to a good start. The handling and levels of grip are average and nothing to brag about. It’s the type of tire that gets the job done but doesn’t like to be forced.

The good news comes in the wet department, as this is where we see some improvements. With 4 wide grooves channel the water. The 3D sipes only add to the wet performance as they help direct the water away from the tire’s blocks. As for snow performance, the results are the same, surprising. The zig-zag pattern allows the tire to bite down into the snow and provides traction. It’s not a winter tire, so don’t expect the same performance in deep snow.

Noise and comfort are decent, but not the best. The Crugen HT51 managed to smooth up a fair amount of the bumps on the road. It’s comfortable, but not the most comfortable. The noise levels are a different story and surprised me a bit. It’s not the quietest, but considering the segment, it’s quieter than I expected.


  • Great price per performance ratio
  • 70000-mile warranty
  • Excellent performance in wet and light snow
  • Can resist hydroplaning decently


  • Average dry performance
  • Not suited for any kind of off-roading

10. General Grabber HTS60


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General is a tire manufacturer that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, and that becomes apparent from the Grabber HTS60. Sold as a successor to the HTS, this model allegedly provides plenty of improvements.

The ride quality is one of the main advantages of the Grabber HTS60. The barrier ribs combined with General’s CBT or Comfort Balance Technology help smooth things out when going over bumps. The tire also has sound barrier ribs that help keep the noise down.

As for performance, things are like you would expect from a comfortable tire. The shoulders and center rib work in combination to provide decent dry handling. Like with some of the other products on my list, there is a slight sidewall flex when pushed too hard.

The levels of grip are excellent. General implemented their StabiliTread technology into the Grabber HTS60, which provides ensures the best levels of grip. The technology manages to increase the footprint, increasing the contact surface with the road.

General’s tread design provides excellent performance in less-than-ideal situations. The handling and grip levels in wet and light snowy conditions are excellent, just like the hydroplaning resistance.

On the longevity side of things, you get a 65000-mile warranty.



  • Slight sidewall flex when cornering at higher speeds

Final words

With the wide variety of tires on the market, people often struggle to decide which ones to get. There is a wide range of options, but for the most part, I tried to cover models from reputable manufacturers. The reason for it is that I often advise against using cheaper Chinese tires, as their performance is unsatisfactory.

As for the tires on this list, it is difficult to point out which one is the best, as they all have their pros and cons. In the end, it comes down to your preference, driving style, and the weather conditions in your area.

2 thoughts on “Best All Season Truck Tires: What are the Options?”

  1. Had Michelin Premier LTX on my 2007 Toyota Tundra and experienced two different sidewall blowouts on the same set of tires with freeway driving. After the second blowout, I went back to Discount Tire and had them install Bridgestone Dueler LTH and haven’t had any troubles in 4 years X 30,000 miles. I used to insist on Michelin but Will not buy Michelins again.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with the Michelin Premier LTX tires. It’s great that you were able to find a reliable replacement in the Bridgestone Dueler LTH tires and have been trouble-free for the past 4 years and 30,000 miles.
      However, there are many factors that can lead to a tire blowout. You need to thoroughly investigate where the causes come from. Moreover, Michelin is a big tire brand, so you can trust them.


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