Top 10 Best All Season Tires for SUV: Latest Options

SUVs are by far the most popular type of vehicle nowadays – buyers simply love the added interior space and practicality, as well as the higher ride height. There is something about looking at other vehicles from above that makes people special.

But as much as SUVs solve some issues, they also come with their disadvantages. Notably, an SUV won’t ever drive like a regular car in the corners because physics says a higher center of gravity means worse handling.

This, of course, puts a lot more pressure on the tires, which not only need to maintain road contact but also don’t deform too much under the added weight and cornering forces.

The thing is, many SUV owners don’t really think twice when purchasing tires. They only look at the price and (probably) the treadwear warranty and make a decision. I think that’s wrong because tires are the single most important thing for your and your family’s safety, as well as the safety of other traffic participants.

Now, the single most popular type among SUV owners in North America is all-season tires. It’s easy to see why – they are designed to work in most weather conditions while also providing unparalleled treadlife and very good comfort. They are also reasonably priced nowadays, especially when you add the treadwear warranty to the equation.

But what are the best all season tires for SUV? Well, that’s a question that has no easy answer! See, there are various types of all-season tires, but also various types of SUVs and crossovers. And matching the best type of tire for your class of vehicle is important. Even more important is choosing the right tires for your driving style and needs, something that many drivers neglect.

But, worry not, as in this list, you’ll find the best SUV all-season tires on the market, including touring (small and mid-size crossovers SUVs), highway (large SUVs), performance (powerful and fast SUVs), and all-terrain tires (off-road-oriented SUVs)! I also included 3PMSF-rated tires (Severe Snow) for people that live in areas in areas with harsh wintry conditions.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at my list of the best all season tires for SUV and crossovers!

Top 10 Best All Season Tires for SUV Available in 2024

1. Continental CrossContact LX25

Best Touring All-Season Tires for SUV


Continental often wins comparative tests between dozens of tires, and the CrossContact LX25 is a great example of why. This is a tire that does many things well, with no glaring disadvantages to speak of. It can be said that this is one of the best tires for SUV all-season.

Namely, I found it to be slightly uncomfortable on broken pavement, but I could only notice that when comparing it to similar tires. In isolation, the CrossContact LX25 is fine comfort-wise, especially given how quiet it is.

And when it comes to performance, this is a real premium product, performing excellently in all weather conditions. Notably, it’s a very responsive tire with linear steering that grips the road very well, making for an overall satisfying drive on dry roads.

Furthermore, it’s one of the best rain tires for SUVs, period, thanks to the strong overall traction and exceptional hydroplaning resistance. It’s also very easy to control in wet conditions, even when you hit the limit – something many cheaper tires struggle with. 

And unlike most all-season tires for crossovers and SUVs, the CrossContact LX25 also performs well on light snow. With a set of these tires on, your SUV will be easy to control on snow-covered roads and will provide you with solid braking and brisk acceleration.

To top it all off, the CrossContact LX25 is also one of the longest-lasting all-season tires you’ll find, with owners reporting excellent treadlife. Meanwhile, Continental covers those claims with a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty on H-speed, and T-speed rated models and a 65,000-mile warranty on V-speed rated models.


  • Outstanding performance in rainy conditions
  • Very good on-road manners on dry pavement
  • Long treadlife
  • Excellent light snow traction and handling
  • Quiet operation


  • The price is steep
  • Can be uncomfortable over broken surfaces

2. Bridgestone Alenza A/S Ultra

Best Touring All-Season Tires for SUV


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The Bridgestone Alenza A/S Ultra is CrossContact LX25’s fiercest competitor, bettering its German rival in some performance metrics but ultimately losing due to the slightly longer stopping distances on dry roads and the somewhat noisy tread growl. Don’t get me wrong, though – the Alenza A/S Ultra is still good in those metrics – it’s just that its main competitor is slightly better.

In everything else, the Bridgestone’s all-season tire is a true winner. Notably, it provides exceptional levels on dry tarmac, accompanied by very responsive and light steering. The high-speed stability is also excellent – nothing bad to report there.

The Alenza A/S Ultra continues to impress in the rain, providing surefooted handling at the limit and very high levels of traction. The stopping distances are also among the shortest in its class, while the hydroplaning resistance is exceptional.

As for snow-covered roads, the Alenza A/S Ultra is a very capable tire, though not class-leading. Notably, I find it to be very easy to drive and handle, but the traction levels are slightly lower than the CrossContact LX25.

Comfort-wise, apart from the slightly more audible tread growl, the ride is the smoothest of any SUV all-season tire, and especially cossetting on the highway.

But the single most impressive thing about the Alenza A/S Ultra is its longevity – it comes with an 80,000-mile treadwear warranty on all sizes, which is by far the best offering in the category. So, if longevity is your concern, this is the tire to get!


  • Excellent lateral grip on dry tarmac
  • Balanced handling and excellent traction in wet conditions
  • Very light and responsive steering for a touring tire
  • Good (though not exceptional) snow traction and handling
  • Very smooth ride, even over broken pavement and larger bumps
  • Best-in-class treadwear warranty


  • Longer stopping distances in dry conditions
  • Not as quiet as the premium competition

3. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Best 3PMSF All-Season (All-Weather) Tires for SUV


If you want a higher peace of mind in the winter, then the CrossClimate 2 is an outstanding option. The only thing you’d really sacrifice is the treadlife (60,000-mile treadwear warranty), which isn’t bad but still worse than a standard all-season tire.

The CrossClimate 2 excels at almost everything else. I was actually surprised at how good it handles on dry roads, where it feels almost like a summer tire, thanks to the quick steering response and excellent cornering grip.

Rain is also not something you should fear, as the braking and handling on wet surfaces are both exceptional. The best thing about the CrossClimate 2, though, is how it handles snow. Namely, it’s very easy to drive on snow-covered roads, with better braking and acceleration than any other all-season or all-weather tire.

And despite its outstanding snow performance, the CrossClimate 2 is very quiet – not something you can say for winter tires. Still, the ride isn’t as impressive, particularly over repetitive bumps, but I don’t think most drivers will notice that.


  • Excellent handling and braking on dry roads
  • One of the best all-season tires in the rain
  • Balanced handling on snow with high traction and grip
  • Very good braking on snow-covered roads
  • Quiet at highway speeds


  • It can be expensive for some
  • The ride isn’t very composed
  • The 60,000-mile treadwear warranty is sub-par for the price

4. Vredestein Quatrac Pro

Best 3PMSF All-Season (All-Weather) Tires for SUV


The Quatrac Pro is a slightly less-expensive alternative to the CrossClimate 2 but a tire with equally-impressive abilities, especially on snow. With this Vredestein product, you can expect some excellent braking and acceleration on both light and deep snow and surefooted handling. The tire even offers a clear uptake in ice traction compared to standard all-season tires.

And the best thing about the Quatrac Pro is that it doesn’t sacrifice other performance aspects. Specifically, it remains to be good to drive on dry roads, with positive steering and good cornering grip. The tire also excels in rainy conditions – the braking distances on a wet pavement are among the shortest in the category, and the handling is excellent.

Furthermore, the Quatrac Pro is a super-comfortable tire – it remains quiet on rough tarmac and provides a very smooth ride. There is one downside, though – Vredestein only provides a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is lower than its rivals.


  • Good lateral grip and braking on dry tarmac
  • Excellent overall performance in the rain
  • Very good traction and handling on light snow
  • Very comfortable over bumps
  • Quiet


  • Lower treadlife than the main competition
  • The 50,000-mile treadwear warranty is sub-par for the category

5. Continental TerrainContact H/T

Best Highway All-Season Tires for SUV


The Continental TerrainContact H/T is a new addition to the highway all-season category, and it’s a tire by which all others will be measured in the foreseeable future.

The reason is quite simple – it provides consistent traction, regardless of the weather conditions or load. The TerrainContact H/T is particularly good in rainy conditions, with very balanced handling, good behavior on the limit, and very high grip and traction.

Furthermore, the snow traction is easily the best of any highway all-season tire, which translates into very short braking distances, brisk acceleration, and excellent handling. The TerrainContact H/T even provides reasonable ice traction, something that can’t be said for most of its rivals.

Continental also managed to make its highway tire good to drive on dry roads, even when towing or hauling. Comfort is great, too – there is almost no tread growl entering the cabin, and the ride is controlled.

Finally, the TerrainContact H/T comes with an excellent 70,000-mile treadwear warranty on regular sizes and a 60,000-mile warranty on LT-metric sizes.


  • Best-in-class braking on wet pavement
  • Outstanding lateral grip in the rain
  • Exceptional grip and traction on dry roads
  • Best-in-class braking and acceleration on light snow
  • Very balanced light-snow handling with a strong lateral grip
  • Good traction on ice (for an all-season tire)
  • Very low noise, even on rough patches
  • The ride is stiff but never uncomfortable
  • Long treadwear warranty


  • The steering feels a bit inaccurate and vague
  • It might be expensive for some

6. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Best Highway All-Season Tires for SUV


The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is a very popular option among SUV owners that want a long-lasting tire, as it is proven to have an excellent treadlife. It also comes with a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty (T-speed and H-speed rated), which is among the best in the category.

Like most Michelin tires, the Defender LTX M/S works well regardless of the weather. It provides quick and linear steering, accompanied by a solid cornering grip and excellent braking. The wet traction is also very strong – not on the level of the TerrainContact H/T, but very close. More importantly, the tire is very confident-inspiring at the limit.

Light-snow traction is also excellent for the category, which translates into good braking and acceleration. Meanwhile, the tire feels very balanced during cornering.

Comfort-wise, the Defender LTX M/S is reasonably quiet for a highway tire and provides a very smooth ride. Unfortunately, like any other Michelin product, the Defender LTX M/S is expensive.


  • Excellent wet traction and drivability
  • High levels of longitudinal traction and cornering grip on dry roads
  • Very solid traction on light snow
  • Stable on the highway when loaded (towing or hauling)
  • Reasonably smooth ride for a highway tire
  • Exceptional treadlife and very long treadwear warranty


  • Very expensive

7. Firestone Destination LE3

Best Budget Highway All-Season Tires for SUV


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If you find the Continental TerrainContact H/T and Michelin Defender LTX M/S expensive, then the Firestone Destination LE3 might be an excellent option for you.

A successor to the already popular LE2, Firestone’s new highway all-season tire brings impressive performance at a lower price point. This tire will provide you with stable and safe handling on dry roads, even with a very large trailer attached, and the steering feels responsive and natural.

Unlike other cheap offerings, the Destination LE3 also performs well in rainy conditions, with excellent braking and balanced handling. Meanwhile, the tire feels balanced when cornering on snow, though the braking distances are a bit longer than its competitors.

I was also unimpressed by the unsettled ride over repetitive impacts, though the Destination LE3 is reasonably quiet for a highway tire.

Firestone offers a 70,000-mile treadwear warranty on the tire, which is impressive for the price.


  • Very good grip and traction on dry surfaces
  • Good wet traction and grip, particularly for the price
  • Linear and responsive steering
  • Great for towing
  • Balanced handling on light snow
  • Smooth ride over most road surfaces
  • Very quiet for a highway tire
  • Exceptional treadwear warranty for the price


  • It could’ve been more refined over repetitive impacts
  • Longitudinal traction on snow could’ve been better

8. Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus

Best Performance All-Season Tires for SUV


Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus is one of the best tires for SUV all-season that I've listed on this list. The Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus will make your sporty SUV more capable than ever before, thanks to the high levels of traction and grip it provides on both dry and wet surfaces. 

This is a tire that steers, brakes, and accelerates in those conditions with authority, even when you push it very hard. And while the steering could be more responsive, the overall driving experience is outstanding.

But the best thing about the ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus is that it also works well on light snow, where it provides higher traction than even some touring/highway all-season tires. And unlike other performance tires, the ride is very smooth, and there is not much tread noise entering the cabin.


  • Exceptional performance in rainy conditions
  • High lateral grip and balanced handling in the dry
  • Very good traction on light snow
  • Very comfortable for a performance tire
  • Long treadlife


  • The steering could be more responsive

9. Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season Plus

Best Performance All-Season Tires for SUV


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The Pirelli Scorpion Zero All-Season Plus solves the Continental’s steering issue – it’s an extremely-responsive tire with very linear steering. Like most “Zero” products, the cornering grip is outstanding, regardless if you drive on dry or wet pavement, and the tire also brakes and accelerates like the best out there.

As for snow, the Scorpion Zero All-Season Plus performs quite well, with balanced handling and solid braking/acceleration. That said, ice traction is not sufficient, though that’s something most performance all-season tires suffer from.

Comfort-wise, Pirelli did a good job minimizing noise while also suppressing most impacts. The Italian tiremaker offers a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, which is very good for a performance tire.


  • Excellent steering response
  • Very high levels of grip and traction on dry surfaces
  • Exceptional highway stability and straight-line tracking
  • Very good wet traction and handling
  • Solid handling on snow (though the traction is average for an all-season tire)
  • Smooth ride over most surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Insufficient ice traction

10. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Best All-Terrain All-Season Tires for SUV


All-terrain tires also belong to the all-season category, so I thought it would be great to include one in my list. And my choice goes to the Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015, the all-terrain tire that combines on-road and off-road traction most successfully.

Namely, you can go faraway places with a set of these tires on, as it works great on dirt, gravel, and shallow mud. More serious off-roading will be an issue (deep mud and rock-crawling), but that’s normal for an all-terrain tire.

Crucially, the Geolandar A/T G015 works very well on public roads, regardless of the weather. Yokohama’s all-terrain tire provides surefooted and balanced handling in dry, wet, and snowy conditions, accompanied by short braking distances and good acceleration traction.

Yokohama gives a 60,000-mile warranty on regular sizes and a 50,000-mile warranty on LT-metric sizes, both outstanding for the category. The Geolandar A/T G015 is also fairly quiet for an all-terrain tire, though the ride can be harsh over repetitive bumps. Still, that’s a small price to pay for the otherwise great performance.


  • Very good traction on dirt and gravel
  • Excellent on-road performance
  • Good handling and braking in the rain
  • Solid light-snow traction and handling
  • Quiet for an all-terrain tire
  • Long treadwear warranty for the category


  • It can be harsh over repetitive impacts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What’s the difference between All-Season and All-Weather tires?

All-weather tires are a recent invention designed to provide the driver with increased traction on snow and ice when compared to a regular all-season tire.

All of these tires have a Severe Snow rating (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol), meaning they were tested for higher longitudinal traction than regular all-season tires.

So, in simple terms, all-season tires are closer in design to a summer tire, while all-weather tires are closer to winter tires. In recent years, though, many regular all-season tires started performing excellently on snow (Continental CrossContact LX25), and all-weather tires started performing quite well in warm and dry conditions (Michelin CrossClimate 2).

Still, on the whole, all-weather tires should provide you with better snow and ice traction, while all-season tires will be better to drive on dry roads.

Reminder: The only way to tell if a tire is all-season or all-weather is the Severe Snow rating, as most tire retailers mark them only as all-season tires.

  • Are all-season tires good on snow and ice?

All-season tires are designed to work in most weather conditions, and most of them will provide you with reasonable traction on light snow. However, you’ll still need to be more careful while driving, as the traction levels will be much lower than on a proper winter tire.

So, for most people, all-season tires should be a good solution for the winter. However, if you live in areas with harsh wintry conditions and encounter ice-covered roads frequently, you should get yourself a set of winter tires.

  • What symbols signify a tire is all-season?

A tire should have at least an M+S rating (Mud + Snow) on the sidewall to be called an all-season tire. However, in the case of all-weather tires, the rating would be a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol found on the sidewall.

  • What’s the minimum legal tread depth on all-season tires?

The minimum legal tread depth for all-season tires is 2/32-inch (1.5 mm). However, in some places, you’ll need to have at least 5/32-inch (4 mm) tread depth during the winter. 

Both of these values will be enough for you to pass the safety inspection, but I’d still recommend replacing your tires sooner. The tread depth is crucial in ensuring traction in slippery conditions, such as rain, snow, and slush, because the deeper the grooves on the tire, the more water/snow it can dissipate.


Putting quality new tires on your SUV will literally give it a new life. It will also make your driving experience better, provide your family with higher levels of comfort, and ensure long-lasting performance. 

But to be truly satisfied with the performance of your new all-season tires, make sure you choose a model that suits your needs best. My list above is a great way to start when choosing the best all season tires for SUV, but I’ll leave the final decision to you!

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