Top 9 Best Mud Tires for Street: Latest Options

Do you crave the feeling of conquering challenging terrain right on the streets? If you love challenging experiences, there is nothing better than mud tires.

Previously, mud tires only appeared on challenging terrain because of their stable and superior grip on all terrains. Meanwhile, street models are usually smoother with low wear for daily rides.

But now, after many technical improvements, you can easily see mud tires running on many streets.

If you want a product that balances off-road performance and handling, the best mud tires for street below are your best recommendations.

Let's check them out!

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Mud Tires for Street Available in 2024

I have researched, tested, and selected the best mud tires for the street in 2024. Don’t ignore any suggestions because you will find the right product for your needs.

1. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Best for Overall


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The BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 balances street performance and offroad capability very well.

I spent a lot of time driving this off-road maximum traction tire under normal street conditions. Surprisingly, its off-road attack design doesn't negatively affect road behavior.

The Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 has a steady, balanced performance on dry roads. Tires score high on every test. In particular, the tire's longitudinal traction on dry roads is much better than that of competitors in the same class.

Quiet operation is also a commendable advantage of this tire. Of course, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 can't be compared with specialized options on the street. However, the noise at average tire speed is not too noticeable to me.

Only when traveling on the highway does tire noise reach the cabin. However, the volume of the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 is entirely acceptable.

This rep from BFGoodrich did not let me down on the wet road. Its traction on slippery surfaces and 50-0 mph braking distance is decent enough to maneuver in heavy rain safely.

As a mud tire, in addition to paying attention to road handling, I also care about the tire's performance on loose surfaces.

On the harshest terrain, the Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 still performed well. The durable construction is also a big plus for effective chip resistance.

In short, the BFGoodrich tires are a handful of options that offer high off-road performance but still good street handling.

The only downside is that the snow handling is not smooth. Although horizontal traction on snow is acceptable, the wheels still spin entirely. Besides, the tires are also slow to respond to driver input, and snow traction is not so excellent.


  • Good control
  • Good street handling
  • Good handling of the loose surface
  • Longitudinal traction on dry roads is good
  • Acceptable noise when driving at medium speed


  • Loud noise on the highway
  • Poor snow grip

2. Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003

Best for Comfort and Quiet Ride


Noisy and less comfortable are the common drawbacks of most mud tires. Although the Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 does not provide a comfortable experience like the advanced touring tires, it has overcome these disadvantages.

During my first test drive, I was amazed at how smooth and quiet the tires were on the road and on the highway.

When driving on the road, the block orientation feature exerts its maximum power to reduce noise. Despite its aggressive tread design, the Geolandar M/T G003 is still noticeably smoother and quieter.

In addition to being quiet, the Geolandar M/T G003 is a robust tire. I have overcome rugged terrain with Yokohama tires, such as red dirt roads, ramps, and muddy terrain. In all conditions, the traction of the tire remains quite impressive.

I even went with this mud tire model through a road covered with smooth, jagged rocks with a constantly changing slope. The spike blocks remove debris from the tire shoulder on this harsh terrain.

Meanwhile, the tire compound resists chip cutting quite well and ensures impressive durability on rugged terrain. Not stopping as an off-road tire, I also regularly test-drive the Geolandar M/T G003 on the regular street.

I'm particularly impressed with the product's wet-road performance. Its 50-0 mph wet braking distance is shorter than many other mud tires I've ridden before. Meanwhile, the tires provide reliable drainage.

Unfortunately, on dry roads, the tires are not so excellent. While it's still safe for everyday driving, I expected more of the tire's performance.



  • Not the most dynamic tire on dry surfaces

3. General Grabber X3

Best for Wet Traction


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For me, good mud tires for street models need decent ride quality and enough performance for safe daily driving. And the General Grabber X3 is such a tire.

I tested its ride quality by driving on highways, new asphalt, and even smooth concrete. The results of all tests prove that the Grabber X3 meets the needs of daily driving relatively well.

Although the tire noise is still present, the General Grabber X3's slight growl is not enough to attract considerable attention.

I also greatly appreciated the comfort of the tire. It was quickly handled well on roads with minor defects, providing satisfactory ride quality.

This off-road maximum traction tire continues to earn high marks in the road handling test.

The General Grabber X3 performed exceptionally well on wet roads. It trumps quite a few competitors in the segment to take the top spot in terms of grip. The balance performance in handling the tire is also admirable.

On light snow roads, the tires also handle pretty well. While it's no substitute for a dedicated product, at least the Grabber X3 didn't get me stuck on rough terrain.

The only downside that I noticed during testing was the responsiveness to the driver's input when I was driving at high speed on twisty roads, with lots of corners.

I tried turning the steering wheel slightly, but the front tire seemed to react quite slowly to the input of the steering wheel, making it more difficult to position the car, and not as I would like.

However, do you really have to do this on twisty roads? Of course not! Therefore, you should not be too worried about this drawback of tires.


  • Excellent wet grip
  • Guaranteed comfort
  • The noise is not too annoying
  • Reasonably traction in light snow conditions
  • Durable for both off-road and off-road driving


  • Need to improve the steering

4. Firestone Destination M/T2

Best for Light Snow Traction


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According to our road test, the impressive advantage of the Firestone Destination M/T2 is its good grip on light snow.

This tire model achieved satisfactory results in all my longitudinal traction and acceleration tests.

I also tested it on a snowy road with a snow depth of more than 5 inches in Dearborn, Michigan earlier this year. And I struggled with the car to get home safely.

I noticed that this tire is not very good for areas with heavy snowfall, as it lacks a lot of traction and the braking distance is quite long.

I even tested Firestone on ice. On this slippery terrain, the tire's 12-0 mph braking distance is just 59.5 feet, much shorter than other mud tires I've tested before.

The Firestone Destination M/T2 is not simply a tire model that performs exceptionally well in low-temperature conditions. In warm weather, the tire's handling is quite impressive.

The product meets my expectations of an off-road maximum traction tire. Anti-scratch compound makes the tire solid and safe on the trail.

Meanwhile, the 23-degree attack spike blocks provide stable traction on harsh surfaces. On softer terrain, the biting edges on the tires provide ample traction and impressive grip.

I am also relatively satisfied with the satisfying driving feeling that the Destination M/T2 brings. At medium speeds, the ride is relatively smooth, with acceptable noise. When accelerating, the noise starts to increase significantly. However, it is still not too big a drawback for me.


  • Top light snow traction
  • Stable on harsh surfaces
  • Satisfied driving experience
  • Good traction on soft terrain
  • Very responsive and linear steering


  • Noise at high speed

5. Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

Best for Daily Driving


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The Discoverer STT Pro is the flagship tire in Cooper's off-road maximum traction portfolio. The manufacturer has put a lot of effort into creating this high-performance version, which is available for both off-road and everyday driving.

Its off-road performance comes from a special chip-resistant tire compound and a deep tread system. On mud and soft terrain, it's pretty impressively self-cleaning. While on harsher hard surfaces, the Discoverer STT PRO exhibits excellent grip and high durability.

The tire's on dry road performance also did not disappoint in my testing. It doesn't expose the usual disadvantages of mud tires on the street.

Instead, the Discoverer STT PRO handles and brakes are quite better than expected. Its traction is also quite good for meeting my daily driving needs. With the ability to grip the road when entering the corners is quite high, the car moves very stably through the corners.

Along with that, the braking distance on the dry surface that I tested was very short. I found this distance to be much shorter than with other mud tires like Firestone Destination M/T2 or BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3, that I have tested.

I also test-drove Cooper tires on wet and slippery streets. And the dense sipes on the tire surface have dramatically enhanced its handling. It's also waterproof and reliable enough to ride in heavy rain, with a relatively short braking distance.

Unfortunately, the Discoverer STT Pro's solid traction does not continue to maintain on the snowy surface. Despite its deep and robust tread, the tire lacks the necessary biting edges.

Therefore, I do not overestimate its reliability over extreme conditions. For me, some Cooper models handle this terrain a lot better.


  • Solid traction on wet roads
  • Good handling and dry brakes
  • Suitable for daily driving needs
  • Self-cleaning on soft terrain
  • Endurance on harsh terrain


  • Poor traction in the snow

6. Hankook Dynapro MT2

Best for Dry Traction


I have tested many of the best off-road mud tires. But most often don't have a good performance on a dry road. Yet, Hankook Dynapro MT2 is an exception. It also performs very well on deep mud, grass, and hard-packed surfaces.

Surprisingly, the tire still balances very well between off-road performance and everyday driving experience. Unlike many in-class models with a small contact area, the Dynapro MT2 carries evenly spaced treads to handle dry roads well.

Its grip is also quite excellent. Although not comparable to all-terrain samples, this mud sample is relatively stable on dry roads.

Wet traction is also its commendable advantage. Specifically, the drainage and handling were so good that I was confident about crossing shallow rivers.

The tire offers a reasonably safe ride on light snow due to its excellent grip and water repellency.

Only on thick snow does the Dynapro MT2's handling performance drop significantly. And even many times, I got stuck on some snowy roads in winter.

Finally, noise is an issue you need to consider before choosing this mud tire, when I drive on the highway at over 50 mph.

However, at slower speeds, the noise is still present, but it didn't bother me during the journey.

The manufacturer always makes an effort to improve the comfort and quietness of the ride. However, the vibration still exists, and the loudness at high speed makes me uncomfortable sometimes.


  • Excellent durability
  • Good wet traction
  • Good grip and traction on dry roads
  • Excellent deep mud handling
  • Good traction on hard packing surfaces


  • Noisy at high speed
  • Not so great on heavy snow

7. Nitto Ridge Grappler

Best for Overlanders and Campers


During the first contact, the Nitto Ridge Grappler impressed me with its bold and aggressive design. Alternating shoulder and zig-zag side grooves provide excellent handling performance on any terrain. 

On rough terrain, the Nitto Ridge Grappler has an excellent performance to meet the needs of all overlanders and campers.

It crawls over rocks well and passes through any thick mud and deep sand with a steady grip. I was also pleased with its durability, even on adverse terrain.

Plus, it comes with handling tailored for street driving. On dry roads, the tire gives a relatively safe and stable experience. Although the grip is decent, it is reliable enough for safe acceleration.

Nitto also offers a similar experience on wet roads. Good waterproof tire and stable grip. However, when I started accelerating and braking sharply in heavy rain conditions, the Nitto's performance was only average.

Its performance is more impressive on light snow terrain. Alternating shoulder grooves seem to increase grip significantly on snow. So, I have conquered many of these extreme trails quite easily.

Finally, I appreciate the quality of the Ridge Grappler's ride. Although it has large chunks of rough spikes on the surface, it still rolls quietly on the street.

However, quite unfortunately, aggressive thorn blocks do not bring long life.

Although the case is quite challenging and durable, the tire does not receive a mileage warranty from the manufacturer. I am also quite skeptical about the treadwear longevity of this rather expensive tire model.



  • Rather expensive
  • Average grip and handling on wet and dry surfaces

8. Toyo Open Country M/T

Best for Towing and Carrying Heavy Cargo


The Open Country M/T is Toyo Tire's most impressive tire model. The product has an excellent grip on all terrains, including deep mud. Its durability is also quite remarkable with large loads.

With all the advantages, I always encourage light truck drivers, who have a habit of towing large trailers and heavy cargo, to use this tire. If you have doubts about the Open Country M/T performance, here are my real-life experiences.

When driving off-road, I am delighted with Toyo tires' traction and grip. The tire provides good longitudinal traction and surprisingly short braking distances on hard-packed surfaces such as dirt and gravel.

Mud is also not a big challenge for Open Country M/T. The large treads on the tires keep me from getting stuck on this loose terrain. Even on mud, its cornering handling is more favorable.

In addition to operating well on unpaved terrain, this version also ensures high safety on the road.

It also maintains a good cornering grip with short stopping distances on dry roads. On more slippery terrains, the tire provides stable longitudinal traction. Although I felt unsafe in corners, this model handled wet terrain well.

The Open Country M/T's performance was impressive on the ice. The aggressive tread pattern helps the tire handle light snow well. However, on packed snow surfaces, Toyo tires will struggle for quite some time.

Finally, I want to commend the Open Country M/T's smoothness and comfort.

Unlike competitors who sacrifice comfort to improve traction, Toyo chooses balanced handling. Tire noise doesn't interrupt my concentration. The Open Country M/T ride quality is also pretty good in the segment.

To sum it up, the Toyo Open Country M/T is a defective tire. It's still not ideal on packed snow, wet road and thick sand. However, this version is still outstanding if you need the perfect mud traction and towing large trailers or carrying heavy cargo.


  • Impressive grip and traction on dry road
  • Stable in daily driving
  • Good traction on light snow
  • Excellent traction on deep mud and hardpacked surfaces
  • Durable and can withstand heavy loads


  • Poor handling on packed snow
  • Wet handling isn't too impressive

9. Milestar Patagonia M/T

Best for Budget


The Milestar Patagonia M/T is one of the most affordable mud tires I've ever used. Yet, the product is a serious competitor of many high-end segment tires.

This Milestar version has much impressive equipment to resist shocks and perfect chips. The Patagonia M/T also comes with a tread system with gaps and small biting edges to increase self-cleaning.

The Milestar Patagonia M/T offers an excellent driving experience with all the equipment. With the test on dry road, it has short dry braking distances and excellent highway stability.

On wet and slippery roads, the Patagonia M/T performance exceeded my expectations. This version is waterproof and offers predictable handling.

The Milestar Patagonia M/T continues to surprise me with its snow performance. Its performance cannot be compared with higher-end models. Still, I appreciate the tire's safe braking distance and unpacked snow traction.

It not only meets the needs of daily driving quite well. This affordable tire also makes me happy with its off-road performance.

Although the best Patagonia M/T surface is mud, hard-packed surfaces like gravel and dirt shouldn't pose much of a problem.

Yet, the Milestar Patagonia M/T quickly revealed its weaknesses on rocks, especially wet rocks. Its toughness and durability are not enough to conquer this harsh terrain.


  • Surprisingly quiet for a off-road tire
  • Flexible and stable on the road
  • Excellent on deep mud
  • Excellent traction and handling on dirt and gravel surfaces
  • Good traction on unpacked snow


  • Not the most durable option
  • Not suitable for wet rocky terrain

Buying Guides: How to Choose the Best Mud Tires for Street


If you still do not know which product to choose from the suggestions above, refer to some essential criteria below.

  • Handling

With the primary goal of operating on loose terrains such as mud, sand, and loose soil, mud tires often have large treads with lots of space.

This type of design dramatically affects the tire's handling ability. On rough terrain, the mud tire will have an excellent performance. However, on the street, these tires are pretty clumsy.

  • Comfortable

Mud tires are usually not the first choice if you value comfort. The thickness and stiffness of the sidewalls make this type of tire poor vibration absorption.

  • Noise

The larger and deeper the tread blocks, the higher the tire noise level is. However, favoring tires with a less aggressive tread design may prevent you from getting the necessary traction when traveling on harsh terrain.

  • Tire durability

If you've just driven on-road and off-road, a mud tire will have about 40,000 miles. Some tire models have a shorter lifespan, and their warranty is limited to about 20,000 miles.

  • Energy saving

Mud tires have a lot of rolling resistance, so they are not fuel-efficient. Consider all-terrain tires if you want to ride on light mud but don't want to pay extra for fuel.

  • Price

The cheapest set of mud tires is under $500. However, if you want your option to have better handling, comfort, and durability, you will have to pay more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How long do mud tires last on the highway?

The average life of a mud tire is about 40,000 miles. How you rotate your tires, maintenance, and mileage may vary depending on the driving surface.

  • Does using mud terrain tires use more fuel?

Mud terrain tires have more excellent rolling resistance than conventional tires. Therefore, the fuel economy of this tire is relatively poor.

  • Are mud terrain tires good for rain?

Mud terrain tires are not great for driving in the rain. However, this type of tire generally is still waterproof and provides a relatively safe ride.

  • Are mud tires good on snowy surfaces?

Light snow is not a problem with mud tires. Even compared to some off-road tires, mud tires are better at handling snow.

There are still cheap but high-quality mud tires. Therefore, traveling on the street with good budget mud tires is possible.


In the list of the best mud tires for street above, I am most impressed with the Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003. It controls well on all terrains and operates smoothly and quietly. 

I also highly recommend the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro, a great mud tire for everyday driving. Besides, you should also choose the Milestar Patagonia M/T, a much better tire than expected, if budget is your concern.

Do you agree with my point of view? What is your final choice? Hopefully, you have found a mud tire that meets your needs. Thank you for reading!

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