Top 10 Best Tires for Lexus RX350: Latest Options

The Lexus RX350 is one of the most technologically advanced luxury SUVs available today, especially in its tires.

After a long time, you may need to replace a new one because of the original wear and tear or changes in the living environment and climate.

Alternative tires must have a perfect road grip if you travel on rocky roads. Besides, processing performance is a priority if you are driving a sports version.

Whatever your purpose is, you might easily find the right one in the top 10 best tires for Lexus RX350 below.

In-Depth Reviews of the Best Tires for Lexus RX350 Available in 2024

The popularity of the Lexus RX350 is quite significant, so there are many tire models for the car. Yet, because the number is so large, even an experienced person like me has difficulty choosing.

After many months of experience and information gathering, I have finally selected the 10 most valuable tire models. These products have gone through many practical tests before being included in the list below.

1. Michelin Premier LTX

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Lexus RX350


Touring tires are famous for their smoothness, and Michelin Premier LTX is no exception.

Out of my last 12 rides with this tire model, there was not a single time when the tires made an annoying sound. Although I tried to speed up to make more noise, the result was still the same.

The manufacturer had to reinforce a complex steel belt system to have such excellent noise and friction resistance. This mechanism also allows the product to withstand large amounts of friction. I noticed this particular mechanism when I accidentally stepped on the gas too much when trying to make noises.

In addition to incredible quietness, Premier LTX can move smoothly on many different surfaces. Also, shock absorbers, sunflower oil, and internal silica are vital factors for increased stability and ideal performance at low temperatures.

Pure rubber usually has good elasticity, but the feedback force cannot be perfect without the presence of restraining silica.

My baby is usually susceptible to movement, especially when in a car. Surprisingly, he could sleep well despite the rough and rocky road I was crossing.

Its weakness may lie in difficult handling with off-roading. The Premier LTX will be even better if Michelin can fix the problem of off-road ability that this product is having.

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  • Excellent performance at low temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to hydroplaning
  • Very comfortable and quiet
  • Perfect wet and dry grip
  • Strong braking and good acceleration in snowy conditions
  • Excellent handling on light snow with an easy-to-control nature
  • By far the shortest stopping distances in the category in wet conditions


  • Not suitable for off-roading

2. Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Lexus RX350


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I would never risk using all-season touring tires to run in snowy conditions.

However, an issue happened with my winter tire; the only alternative was the Alenza AS Ultra.

It was a risky choice, but luckily the heavy Lexus RX350 eventually crossed more than 1 miles to the finish line. If it were a different product, perhaps my car and I would have had to wait for rescue in the weather below 3 degrees.

The tire's performance in cold conditions comes from details that help maximize friction with highly slippery surfaces. The product does not shrink because of the chemical molecules' structural stability. Therefore, the surface in contact with the wet road is still at an ideal level. This tire compound also has silicates for enhanced traction.

Traction on dry surfaces in the spring or wet in the summer has also improved. I chose a hot day and a heavy rainy day for the test. For the best results, I chose a 550 yard long road and moved at 50 mph.

After calculating all the variables, the final answer on traction in both cases is reasonably satisfactory with highly responsive steering to me.

In terms of weakness, tires often experience reduced braking performance when traveling in some terrains, especially on dry surfaces. And you should pay attention to this issue to avoid unfortunate accidents.


  • The excellent lateral grip on dry tarmac
  • Balanced handling and traction in wet conditions
  • Very light and responsive steering for a touring tire
  • Good grip and handling on snow surfaces
  • Very smooth ride
  • Best-in-class treadwear warranty
  • It doesn't shrink while moving


  • Low braking performance in dry conditions

3. Continental CrossContact LX25

Best Touring All-Season Tires for Lexus RX350


Every summer, I often travel with my vehicle to many places. I don't stay in one place for too long, and the distance between stops is quite long.

Therefore, after each ride, I have to change a new set of tires to ensure the safety of myself and the car. But since switching to CrossContact LX25, I no longer have to worry about constant replacement.

Maintaining stable durability in many different environmental conditions is never an easy task. To solve this problem, Continental has used the unique EcoPlus technology to increase the mobility of the tread layer.

Despite its high durability, the structure of the CrossContact LX25 is neither heavy nor causes excellent rolling resistance. It is the difference between this Continental tire model and many other surface priority products.

The manufacturer not only provides a solid construction for the tire but also supplies users with a unique warranty program.

More surprisingly, Continental is so confident that it applies a lifetime warranty. During prolonged use, I never brought the CrossContact LX25 to the service center. Product stability is too high, and I hardly need to care about this policy.

In order not to affect comfort, you need to try to avoid holes in the road. Because this tire model tends to make explosion-like sounds when entering such terrain.

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  • Not suited for small, passenger cars
  • Some noise when you hit a pothole

4. Michelin CrossClimate 2

Best All-Weather Tires for Lexus RX350


This all-weather tire does not have much difficulty operating in different weather conditions. Except for heavy snow days, the tire's stability does not decrease even if the temperature is low.

With the same 550 yard road, I found that the tire provides the same driving feel and acceleration under many environmental conditions. Whether it's raining outside, the temperature hits 35 degrees or drops below 0 degrees, the results are still the same with ideal braking.

Many factors make up the excellent stability of the Michelin CrossClimate 2 but most notably, the brand's proprietary flexible tire compound. This synthetic plastic quickly changes texture to adapt to all weather conditions.

The treads made from this material also possess the same ability. So, it's handling on dry was phenomenal to me.

The durability of the tire is also enough to meet our needs. The double-layer polyester sheath and two steel belts provide maximum resistance. While the amount of polyamide that the manufacturer adds will make the tire more stable.

I can attest to this fact through many experiments. I also believe that no less durable product can withstand the pressure of traveling 180 miles in just one day.

One problem is that you will have to spend a rather high cost to own. Therefore, balance your budget carefully before choosing to buy this superior version.

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  • Exceptional lateral grip in dry conditions
  • Very good braking on snow-covered roads
  • Excellent handling and braking on dry roads
  • One of the best all-season tires in the rain
  • Balanced handling on snow with high traction and grip
  • Quiet at highway speeds


  • It can be expensive for some buyers
  • The ride isn’t very composed

5. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Best All-Weather Tires for Lexus RX350


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There are two suitable environments for us to use the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady: snowy and dry tarmac. Although it is an all-weather tire, it is not ideal for use in wet areas.

The Assurance WeatherReady has 3PMSF certification, the highest level for stable performance in the snow. With this parameter, I waited until it snowed to check the tires.

Not unexpected when in 4-inch thick snow conditions, the product still works quite well with perfect handling on the runway.

The long-slip phenomenon, a common obstacle for all-weather versions, also does not appear. I even tried to increase the speed to 25 mph and then brake hard, and the result was that the car could still stop immediately.

Similar to performance on snow, the dry performance of Assurance WeatherReady is also impressive. Since normal roads are not enough to challenge this tire, I took advantage of the highway in the test.

I have to admit that this is quite risky, but the results are pretty worth it with the short stopping distances.

At 70 mph, the tire has a slip of about 49 feet, and at 75 mph, the slip is 66 feet. On both tests above, vibration due to friction loss also did not occur.

The wet performance of Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is not so outstanding when compared to other tire models. This product will not be able to give you too good water mobility.


  • Balance handling on dry tarmac
  • Short stopping distances on dry roads
  • Responsive and linear steering
  • Great snow grip and drivability
  • Reasonably quiet on the highway
  • Excellent snow traction and drivability for the category
  • Long warranty
  • Durable tread compound


  • Wet performance is not so impressive
  • Harsh ride over broken surfaces

6. Bridgestone WeatherPeak

Best All-Weather Tires for Lexus RX350


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The WeatherPeak is an all-weather tire that stands out for wet weather performance. This version is suitable to use on rainy days in summer and autumn.

If you have not experienced the rains in both seasons, it is difficult for you to realize the remarkable ability of WeatherPeak.

For a traveler like me, the rain in the summer is an obsession.

Once it rains, the water will be pretty significant, and I have to move much slower. With the idling operation, the wet traction of the tire must be stable, or the vehicle will not move.

It was not until I used Bridgestone WeatherPeak that I could accelerate and decelerate smoothly in this situation. Unlike summer rain, autumn rain is not as heavy, but it happens persistently. The result is persistent flooding with water levels sometimes as high as half a wheel and its cornering grip is good enough for me.

I always avoid going out at this time. But to test WeatherPeak, I chose the road up to 1,5 miles long with the deepest flooding point at 1/3 tire.

No matter which part of the road, hydroplaning does not occur. I can still move normally with balanced handling and side traction; most importantly, the driving feeling is always excellent.

If there is one detail that needs to be upgraded on WeatherPeak, it is definitely dry brake performance. From my actual experience, it tends to slip more when traveling in too dry terrain.


  • Impressive wet traction
  • Good hydroplaning resistance
  • Excellent acceleration and braking in the rain
  • Very good cornering grip and drivability in dry conditions
  • Outstanding braking and acceleration on light snow
  • Easy to drive on snow with balanced handling and solid lateral traction
  • Very quiet, even on rough patches
  • Well-damped ride over smaller and larger imperfections
  • Longest treadwear warranty among 3PMSF-rated all-weather tires


  • Longer stopping distances than its main competitors on dry tarmac

7. Sumitomo HTR A/S P03

Best for Sports Driving


When starting the car and increasing the speed, vibration will quickly occur. To be safer, I was forced to step on the gas slowly, and the car accelerated according to each milestone. My feeling right now is always uncomfortable because of the restraint.

Since installing the Sumitomo HTR A/S P03, I confidently increased the throttle to a straight 45 mph without worry. Although there is still vibration, the high stability from the solid tire structure has significantly improved the driving feel.

For me, the bends are a big challenge with performance tires. However, with this Sumitomo product, things progressed differently.

Compared to other Lexus RX350 tires, the HTR A/S P03 has stiffer sidewalls and high deformation amplitude. These factors can affect performance but significantly improve the tire's braking and acceleration.

I came up with a somewhat risky idea to try continuous turns with this tire. I do not recommend following this course of action if you do not have enough experience.

The test track has one S corner and two sharp turns to the right. I still feel the tire's grip when entering the corner of S at 40 mph. With two continuous right corners, even though there is a bit of a break, at a speed of 45 mph, I still have nothing to complain about.

To get impressive traction and grip, the manufacturer has sacrificed smoothness and quietness on this tire model. Surely you will have to withstand a little bit of noise when operating the HTR A/S P03.


  • Very good handling and braking on wet surface (for the price)
  • Strong traction and grip on dry surfaces
  • Excellent braking and acceleration on light snow for a UHP all-season tire
  • Handle firmly in light snow
  • Excellent treadwear warranty for the price


  • It can become noisy on rough tarmac

8. Toyo Proxes ST III

Best Street/Sport All-Season Tires for RX350 F-Sport


The characteristic of city roads is that it is not too rough due to the pre-paved surfaces. However, the temperature of this plastic layer will be very high in the dry season, and I even witnessed a ripe egg on the road.

If you have to move in such weather, the risk of a tire blowout is exceptionally high, significantly when the car accelerates too fast.

To prevent accidents caused by hot weather, the manufacturer has reinforced the tire by increasing the amount of rubber in the tire wall with ideal waterproof ability.

Tire surface details also tend to separate to minimize heat spread. Thanks to that, I could confidently drive at 50 mph under 38 degrees Celsius.

Another problem we often encounter when moving into the city is traffic jams. If you find yourself in this situation, you must repeatedly stop and move forward for a short distance with a perfect cornering grip.

If the tire does not have enough traction, the car will not be able to move, especially with heavy SUVs like the Lexus RX350.

I had trouble when I couldn't move forward and had to wait until the road was empty to move. A month later, when I tested the Toyo Proxes ST III in a similar traffic jam, the results were the opposite. Although the distance between my car and the car in front is relatively short, the tire shifts steadily over a long period of time.

The Toyo Proxes ST III can barely move on snow. Therefore, you cannot use this product in snowy areas. Its performance will degrade quickly and you may even get stuck in heavy snow at any time.

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  • Responsive and linear steering
  • Excellent dry cornering grip
  • Excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Very good grip and traction on wet surfaces
  • Quiet on the highway
  • Smooth ride on the highway and over broken tarmac
  • Good treadlife


  • Snow and ice performance is almost zero

9. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Best for Highway


I have been a speed lover since childhood, and highways are always the number one choice for me to enjoy my passion.

However, I must admit that traveling at 70 mph is not easy, especially when the risk of fire and explosion due to friction is always high. Only when I owned Defender LTX M/S did I have some peace of mind.

This Michelin tire perfectly combines a proprietary tire compound with a specially formulated blend and the MaxTouch texture.

While operating the vehicle at high speed, the sturdy rubber part will prevent overheating and makes it easy to tow or haul. And MaxTouch has the task of distributing the force more evenly, avoiding the concentration of all heat at one point.

The tire's texture also helps us corner and brake much better than other highway all-season products on rainy, dry, or wet roads. I rarely turn corners when driving on the highway, but with braking, I always have to do it when moving.

Not everyone has the sense of driving, so whenever a car overtakes me, I have to brake quickly. At 60 mph, Defender LTX M/S only slides about 40 ft. With a safe distance between vehicles of 65 ft, almost no dangerous situations occur.

Price has never been an advantage of Michelin tire models and Defender LTX M/S is no exception. To get this product you need to pay 2 to 3 times more than other options.

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  • Surefooted handling on dry pavement with high levels of grip
  • Excellent stability and balance on the highway (even with towing or hauling)
  • Exceptional acceleration and braking on wet roads
  • Handles very well in the rain
  • Solid traction on light snow
  • Best tread life and durability
  • The tough casing allows for some light off-roading over hardpacked surfaces
  • Very quiet, even at highway speeds


  • High price
  • Not the best option for off-roading on demanding terrains

10. Continental VikingContact 7

Best Winter Tires for Lexus RX350


I noticed that the Continental VikingContact 7 sank deep inside the thick snow on the road I often passed. But unlike the products for the regular Lexus RX350, this version is still easy to cross the roads.

The excellent snow performance of this Continental product is the result of long research by engineers. They first created a unique network of grooves to quickly guide snow and liquid away from the tire.

Later, improvements to the tread and surface block system increased the disability of the tire. Before and after going through the 1 mile of road mentioned above, I tried to measure the tire surface size.

The results of the two measurements did not have a big difference. From that, I conclude that a temperature of -6 degrees does not cause the tire to shrink.

The side grips, impressive treads, and hydroplaning resistance make this version perfect for winter.

It is quite confusing that Continental does not offer a tire surface warranty for a snow tire model like the VikingContact 7. This shortfall requires you to move more carefully.

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  • Excellent acceleration and braking on ice surfaces
  • Short braking distances on packed and unpacked snow
  • Surefooted handling on snow-covered roads
  • Very good hydroplaning resistance
  • Safe handling in rainy conditions
  • Outstanding grip and handling on wet roads
  • Impressive handling and grip on dry roads for a winter tire
  • Durable tread compound
  • Very quiet, even at higher speeds


  • Becomes noisy on rough pavement
  • Doesn’t provide any tread life warranty

Buying Guides: How to Choose the Best Tires for Lexus RX350


There are many different parameters that you can use to gauge the performance of Lexus RX350 tires.

However, the most important factors you need to consider are tire size, speed score, and tread wear.

In the following part of the article, I will also analyze the above in detail for you to understand.

I will also suggest which options are best suited for each parameter.

  • Tire size

I have tested several tire models with sizes larger and smaller than Lexus's recommended size.

The results of these tests were all pretty bad, and I would never do them again.

If you don't want to fall into these terrible situations, you must choose the right size instead of caring about other factors.

In an emergency, using existing tires is mandatory, and you should remove the wrong size tire from your vehicle as soon as you arrive at the nearest safe place.

Continuing to move with products of different sizes will negatively affect vehicle performance.

  • Speed Score

Each tire model will have a unique resistance to friction and durability. You need some experience or knowledge of the parameter to grasp what it means entirely.

The speed scores on tire models will range from L to Y. The lowest is L for 75 mph, and the highest is Y for over 186 mph. To move stably at high speed, the tire must optimize its durability and resistance.

Therefore, Y products will have a better life and surface than tires at L.

  • Tread-Wear

You need to pay the most attention to the two deciding factors: the tire's wear rating and warranty coverage. 

By observing the wear rating, you can assess the tire's stability.

The details of this system will let you know the tread's quality. Some brands also integrate indicator systems to increase the visibility of this identification.

The most common place manufacturers use to note wear is on the side of the tire. You must tilt slightly to read this parameter through icons or indicators.

Through the warranty indicators, we can also make an approximate judgment about the operating durability of the tire. Most manufacturers have complex testing and evaluation systems to calculate the durability of a product.

Based on this information, they will issue a warranty program approximately or longer than the tire's durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What kind of tires comes on a Lexus RX350?

The Lexus RX350 products have one of two wheel sizes, 18-inch, and 20-inch. Depending on the size of the wheel, the tire that comes with it also differs.

With an 18-inch size, the two most commonly seen names are the Continental CrossContact LX25 and the Michelin Premier LTX.

While in the 20-inch size, the options are still Continental CrossContact LX25 and Michelin Premier LTX but in 235/55R20 format.

  • What brand of tires does Lexus use?

Bridgestone and Michelin are two brands that Lexus trusts in most of its models. Of course, the RX350 is no exception.

  • What size tire do I need for a Lexus RX 350?

235/65R18 is the right size for vehicles with 18-inch wheels. With 20-inch wheels, you will need 235/55R20 tires.

  • How much for a set of Lexus RX350 tires?

The average price for a high-quality Lexus RX350 tire will range from $200 to $400. A set of 4 tires will cost you about $800 to $1600 to own. You can wait until special discounts to get quality tires at lower prices.

Final Thoughts

What are the best tires for Lexus RX350 to you? From my point of view, the Continental VikingContact 7 is a special edition perfect for heavy winter snow.

The Michelin CrossClimate 2 will be the preferred recommendation if you need to maintain stability for a long time. Which one to choose depends on your needs.

I hope that, through the above article, you have found the version that best suits your needs. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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