Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500, Tested and Reviewed

There are many reasons for you to replace a new Chevrolet Silverado tire.

Maybe you're looking to improve the performance of an old version or have changed your environment to less favorable weather conditions.

The OEM manufacturers have taken advantage of launching many tire models with different construction and quality for you to consider.

Among so many options, what are the best tires for Chevy Silverado 1500 for you? If you are wondering about your choice, do not ignore my top 10 most ideal versions in this article. These are the tires that have been tested and evaluated over an extended period by our team of experts.

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In-Depth Reviews of the Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500 Available in 2024

I had to travel on my Chevy Silverado 1500 to get the most accurate information. I have had perfect experiences with the 10 tire models during this long process.

1. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Best Highway All-Season Tires for Overall Performance


Among the highway all-season tires for Chevy Silverado 1500, the Michelin Defender LTX M/S is the name with the highest durability.

The manufacturer says they have adopted a MaxTouch texture that evenly distributes forces to handle well on dry roads with a high grip.

To corroborate this information, I borrowed a basic tire without MaxTouch to compare with the LTX M/S.

The results are expected as the treads on the Michelin tires are much less prone to wear. After prolonged use, the tire still encounters wear and tear.

But fortunately, the rate of spread of this problem is relatively low. For the first 3000 miles, I didn't even notice that the grip on the tires had decreased.

Only when operating to the 5000-mile mark do some signs begin to appear.

The tire surface is made of a material with good flexibility and elasticity for good braking on wet roads. So, rolling resistance when traveling at high speed is almost relatively low.

The lower the rolling resistance, the less vibration the vehicle will experience.

My truck can move smoothly at 75 mph, all thanks to the impressive smoothness that Defender LTX M/S brings.

The price of Michelin Defender LTX M/S is always relatively high compared to many other tire models on the market. If you do not have a budget to pay, you should consider other options before buying one.

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  • Solid handling on dry pavement with a high level of grip
  • Excellent highway stability even with a trailer attached (towing or hauling)
  • Outstanding acceleration traction and braking on wet roads
  • Perfect handling in the rain
  • Perfect light snow traction
  • Long treadlife and excellent treadwear warranty
  • Very quiet, even at highway speeds
  • It provides a reasonably comfortable ride, even in LT-metric spec


  • High price
  • Not the best option for off-roading

2. Firestone Destination LE3

Best Highway All-Season Tires for Budget


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When installing and using Firestone Destination LE3, the car no longer emits noise. Although I tried to increase the speed to nearly 80 mph near the top limit, there were still not too many strange sounds.

To explain it, the manufacturer has applied the Destination LE3 advanced manufacturing technology with a high-quality rubber base frame.

With better force response and elasticity, the tire can move more stably on the highway, especially for instant acceleration on dry tarmac.

Despite being a budget option, the Destination LE3 performs very well in rainy conditions and slippery roads, with very good traction and balance handling.

Regarding comfort, I feel smooth when operating with Destination LE3 on most road surfaces. However, repeated road imperfections can make the ride feel not very smooth.

Unfortunately, Firestone doesn't provide us with LT-metric size options for the Destination LE3. If you want to get valuable upgrades on this tire, you need to choose another product.

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  • Excellent handling on the dry tarmac with high grip and traction
  • Very good performance in the rain
  • Good on-center steering feel and intuitive response
  • Stable handling on snow-covered roads, along with good braking and acceleration
  • Better ice traction than other all-season highway tires
  • Super quiet
  • Excellent treadlife and long treadwear warranty
  • Very affordable for the performance it offers


  • Firestone doesn’t offer LT-metric sizes for owners of full-size and heavy-duty trucks

3. Continental TerrainContact H/T

Best Highway All-Season Tires for Wet Conditions


With the available spike blocks, the TerrainContact H/T surface will have more side grip on rains and dry surfaces. This mechanism also helps to maximize the tire's steering comfort in complex conditions.

During the test, I had the opportunity to encounter reasonably heavy rain. Driving at a fast pace with slippery surroundings is inherently tricky. It's even more unbelievable when I have to drive a pickup truck with large size like the Chevy Silverado 1500.

I was apprehensive when I saw the cars on the side of the road starting to slide and had to slow down to be safe. But fortunately, I did not lose the steering feeling and felt very clearly the contact of the TerrainContact H/T with the road surface.

On another rainy day, the route I used to take, for some reason, was partially flooded. While many other vehicles had to stop, the Silverado 1500 equipped with this tire model still moved as usual.

No matter how high the water is, the unique deep grooves on the tire still push out. It minimizes the risk of dangerous hydroplaning. This version is entirely worth your investment if you often have to travel on rainy and slippery roads.

Although not too expensive, compared to many other competitors, Continental TerrainContact H/T still has a high price. If you are looking for a cheap set of tires, this is not the right choice for you.


  • Excellent braking on wet pavement
  • Outstanding lateral grip in the rain and dry roads
  • Very good braking and acceleration on light snow
  • Very balanced handling on light snow
  • Good traction on ice (for an all-season tire)
  • Very low noise
  • Quite comfortable
  • Long treadwear warranty


  • It's not the best option for off-roading
  • High price

4. Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra

Best for Touring All-Season


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There is a natural slope of about 15 degrees with many small rocky surfaces and some sinkholes near my town. This combination makes the distance of only 300 meters a real challenge.

I'm looking forward to a product carrying the heavy Silverado 1500 up this slope. And it's excellent that Alenza AS Ultra completed the 300 meters stretch without difficulty.

Bridgestone had to improve many details, but most importantly, the tire compound, to get such impressive grip and comfort on dry tarmac.

No longer just rubber, the chemical mixture now includes silica to increase toughness and durability. The combination of these features enhances vehicle performance.

The more flexible and durable tires also provide low rolling resistance and make maneuvering through low-slope areas a breeze.

Another advantage that silica compounds bring is reduced rolling resistance. Low rolling resistance allows the vehicle to advance more easily while limiting the amount of fuel digested. It also helps with balanced handling in wet conditions.

In fact, since the day I started using the Alenza AS Ultra, the Silverado 1500 fuel consumption to travel 1 mile has also halved.

I never wanted to run out of gas between trips as far as the wilderness. This function of the tire makes me want to switch to this product.

You must be careful when traveling on dry roads with Alenza AS Ultra. The structure that helps reduce the tire's rolling resistance also affects the braking ability. Therefore, the braking journey on dry surfaces will also be significantly longer.


  • Excellent lateral grip on dry tarmac
  • Balanced handling and excellent traction in wet conditions
  • Very light and responsive steering
  • Good snow traction and handling
  • Very smooth ride, even over broken pavement and larger bumps
  • Best-in-class treadwear warranty


  • Longer braking distance in dry conditions
  • Not as quiet as the premium competition

5. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

Best All-Terrain tires for Overlanding


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Unlike its competitors, the rubber part of the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 is not centered on the center of the tire. Instead, it tends to stretch to create super-thick side walls. This special texture helps the product dig deep into the road surface and enhances grip.

People go to the countryside to relax, but things are not so simple for me. Before I had time to enjoy the comfort of my hometown, I kept encountering shallow mud puddles on the road.

This terrain is difficult to navigate unless your tires have a good grip and dig. Fortunately, this is also the outstanding advantage of these Chevy Silverado tires.

As an upgrade to the old generation, the T/A KO2 has built-in advantages and many new modern features. One of those features is the amazingly durable frame. There are many ways to increase stability, but I am sure that upgrading the rim is the best method for an off-road tire.

Of the many off-road tire models I have tried, the T/A KO2 is a particular case when it can overcome 1 miles of mixed dirt roads and shallow mud. You might think it's an average ability that all-terrain versions do.

However, keeping the excellent shock resistance throughout this process is the incredible performance of this version.

Like many other mud-resistant all-terrain tires, the T/A KO2 creates quite a bit of friction when moving. This amount of force is the source of the annoying sounds the tires make.

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  • Good traction and handling on dry roads
  • Suitable stability and responsive steering
  • Works well on packed and unpacked snow
  • Excellent traction and durability on hardpacked surfaces
  • Work well on muddy terrain
  • Long treadwear warranty
  • Bring comfort


  • A bit noisy

6. Falken WildPeak A/T3W

Best for All-Terrain


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As on many other products, deep grooves are an excellent solution for driving in flooded conditions. This factor greatly helps me when traveling through low-lying plains or low roads.

The terrain in these places is lower than the surrounding areas and quickly collects water after rain. With other tires, I have to slow down for stability. With WildPeak A/T3W, I can move at a speed of 50 to 65 mph despite being surrounded by a lot of liquid.

Not many all-terrain tires can perform well in snowy areas. But there are still a few products that meet our needs, and WildPeak A/T3W is a prime example. The tread pattern and silicate tread surface provide better grip and improved snow penetration performance.

I ran a test drive on a track with 4 inches of snow and 1 inch above average. The results were quite in line with my expectations. After 500 meters of running, my Chevy Silverado 1500 still had no problems before reaching the finish line.

Thickening another 1 inch, subsidence phenomena started to appear but were still not a cause for concern. Of course, it took me longer to complete the test.

Although very stable, WildPeak A/T3W is still not enough to cover the response shortcomings that this tire model encounters. Therefore, when encountering a twisty road too much, the low responsive of this tire will cause a bit of trouble for you.

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  • Excellent traction on hardpacked surfaces (dirt and gravel)
  • Good traction in mud and over rocks (though not exceptional)
  • Strong performer on dry pavement, especially in terms of lateral grip
  • Works well in wet conditions
  • Very good to use in snowy places
  • Excellent treadlife


  • Low communication and response

7. Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S

Best for Cheap Mild All-Terrain Tires


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To own Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S, I only need to spend half or even a third of the other products in the sale.

Cooper's preferential price is an advantage you should not miss in this tire model. While other brands often forget about warranty programs on cheap tires, Cooper has the opposite move.

Every AT3 4S tire comes with a 65,000-mile repair guarantee. This number is enormous even with more expensive products. It sounded pretty unbelievable, so I tested the service of the manufacturer.

The braking on the dry tarmac of this version is truly remarkable. I tried running my car at high speed above 45 mph and stopped suddenly. As a result, it only takes 4-5 yards to come to a complete stop. And my test results in the rain were similarly positive.

Plus, at such high speeds, I was pretty surprised because the tire noise generated was insignificant. Even the sound of solid brake friction did not affect the quietness of my cockpit.

On snow-covered roads, its handling and traction are even more efficient. A thick tread with perfect roughness helps it quickly swim through thin snow with excellent handling.

Testing with more than 5 inches of snow made me feel less responsive and perform. But in the end, I still finished the 200-meter distance in quite a while.

The unique system of small spikes is next to the prominent ones to improve its durability. Not every spike will increase friction. But with a scientific arrangement, the entire tread system of the tire has worked together very well.

I tried touching it to feel it, but the roughness on the product's surface is indeed relatively high. For experienced users, high roughness indicates that the tire's ability to create friction is excellent.

In terms of weakness, this product proved to be less effective and responsive on wet and slippery surfaces. So, you need to be careful when moving to such areas.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent treadlife and treadwear warranty for the category
  • Solid braking on dry tarmac
  • Short stopping distances in rainy conditions
  • Good handling on snow-covered roads
  • Solid ice traction for the category
  • Impressive traction and driveability on dirt and gravel


  • The wet handling isn’t surefooted
  • Not capable of providing enough traction in mud or over large rocks

8. Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

Best Cheap Aggressive All-Terrain Tires for Quiet Ride


The Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 is a cheap option with many impressive advantages that you should not ignore.

Other products in the Geolandar line often make a lot of annoying noises when operating. But the Geolandar A/T G015 is entirely different when it does not make any sound during the 30 miles distance I tested.

Price and durability rarely go together on most products except the Geolandar A/T G015. With the nylon cover and thick sidewalls, even large sharp stones are difficult to penetrate the tire surface.

In one accident on a shortcut, I deliberately checked this factor. Although only about 700 meters long, the sharp pieces of rock scattered on the road can destroy the surface of any tire model. But it's good that Geolandar A/T G015 didn't experience any damage.

The durable design also gives the tire better handling on some off-road tracks such as dirt and gravel.

You should not use Geolandar A/T G015 to move in muddy areas. The performance of this tire model proved to be quite poor in muddy terrain, more or less.

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  • Affordable price
  • Solid traction on light snow and unpacked snow
  • Excellent traction on soil and gravel
  • Great performance on road and powerful brakes
  • Good handling and braking in the rain
  • Quiet for an all-terrain tire
  • Long treadwear warranty


  • Mud traction is so-so

9. Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003

Best for Off-Road Maximum Traction


To conquer the most challenging terrain with Chevy Silverado 1500, Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 will be my priority recommendation for you.

The off-road performance of this tire is always at an extraordinary level. To move through thick rock, deep mud or sharp debris, all-terrain tires need a protection mechanism. With Geolandar M/T, it is the advanced Triple Polymer Blend technology.

My vice is that I love the thrill of hitting the tires on the worst roads to travel. These trips often end with the same result. The tires are covered with sharp stones and, worse, completely damaged.

However, since switching to this Yokohama tire model, a piece of stone is no longer stuck to the tire. I didn't even notice a deep scratch on the surface.

Another factor that enhances off-road performance is the complex zigzag deep tread system. In muddy terrain or extensive rocky soil, the tire's friction will decrease for a significantly reduced contact area.

It is also the main reason for the slip or control loss I used to experience. But after installing the Geolandar M/T G003, I noticed much better performance.

Just to be sure, I ran the tire directly into a mud road to check. And it's great that the Chevy Silverado 1500 can get through even very deep muddy areas with ease.

On the downside, the tire's surface is not designed to be suitable for traveling in ice areas. It tends to slip too far if you're still trying to take advantage of it on ice.

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  • Not the most dynamic tire on dry tarmac
  • Low traction and grip on icy surfaces
  • No treadwear warranty

10. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2

Best Winter Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500


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The Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is relatively light compared to its appearance.

As you know, the snow and ice surface is inherently unstable, so a strong impact will cause the vehicle to sink.

Even when I moved on 5 inches of snow there were still no problems. It provides us with impressive acceleration and braking on highly slippery snow surfaces.

Thanks to the available Nano-Pro Tech Multicell compound, the grip and adaptability of the Blizzak DM-V2 to cold air significantly increase.

The tire will no longer shrink but keep the surface tension with the highest friction. At -12 degrees, I sat in my Chevy Silverado 1500 and started the engine. It takes up to 5 seconds for the system to operate, while the time it takes me to accelerate from 0 to 40 mph is only 3 seconds. Some of the other tires I've tried took 6 or 10 seconds in similarly cold weather.

At 50 mph, I decided to brake to test the stopping ability with the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2. My vehicle slid about 15 meters long before coming to a complete stop. Compared to standard Chevy Silverado tires, this level of slip is still within a safe threshold to not cause traffic accidents.

In addition to the snow, the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 can also move in many other terrains. But when traveling at fast speeds, especially on the highway, the annoying noise can bother you quite a bit.


  • Exceptional acceleration and braking on snow-covered roads
  • Balanced handling on snow
  • Very easy to control (on snow)
  • Exceptional braking on ice
  • Short braking distances in the rain


  • It can be noisy on the highway

Buying Guides: How to Choose the Best Tires for Chevy Silverado 1500

You should carefully consider the factors that I am about to list below to know what is essential when choosing tires for Chevy Silverado 1500.

You need to prioritize to consider most factors: terrain performance, test driver, type, budget, and warranty.

  • Terrain performance

The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a model suitable for many terrains. Depending on your traveling surface, you need to choose a tire model with corresponding off-road performance.

If we only move in flat areas like streets or places with low obstacles, we don't need to overthink. Instead, choose a touring tire or all-season highway tire.

With the need to move in muddy terrain or many obstacles, focus on products with good grip.

Do not ignore the structure, especially the material part, to avoid the situation of harmful agents deeply embedded in the tire.

In snowy areas, weight, grip, braking performance, and friction are three factors you must not neglect. The lack of any one element can negatively affect safety.

  • Types of tire

All-terrain, all-season, or touring are the 3 most popular types of tires that we can choose today.

There are also two other specialized tire styles for the Chevy Silverado 1500: off-road tires and winter tires.

These types usually serve specific purposes and are not suitable for use under normal conditions.

All-season tires templates allow you to use them throughout all four seasons without worrying about switching.

This option will be appropriate if you feel that changing tires after 3 to 6 months is too troublesome. In return, the performance on some tire surfaces also declines significantly.

Unlike all-season tires, all-terrain tires will help us operate the car in various terrains such as gravel, dirt, rock or mud.

Touring tires are designed for comfort, quietness and dependable all-season grip, while providing more responsive handling. They typically have higher speed ratings than all-season tires and often have asymmetrical tread.

  • Budget

I must admit that most low-cost products often provide a terrible experience and can be dangerous for the operator.

But if you pay close attention, these products often do not have a manufacturer's brand and warranty.

Instead of choosing floating tires, you should select famous brands with slightly higher prices but more performance and safety.

Manufacturers are now tending to develop cheaper models of tires. So you don't have to worry about this too much.

  • Warranty

Do not ignore the warranty factor because you will always need support from the manufacturer throughout the tire's life.

Even the quality product I'm using has had to go through two warranties for inspection and repair.

With the warranty period, you must choose equipment for as long as possible.

  • Test Driver

Manufacturers often advertise a lot about the advantages of their tires. But in reality, most of the tests are performed under the most optimal conditions.

In real life, many factors can affect tire performance. If you don't want to be disappointed after buying a tire, you should try a test sample first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What size tires can I put on my Chevy Silverado 1500?

The Chevy Silverado 1500 does not own too large wheels. So you only need tires of size 33'' to be installed in the vehicle.

  • What tires came stock on Silverado?

A Chevy Silverado 1500 at the factory will be available with a set of General Grabber HTS highway/all-season tires for users.

The quality of these tires is average and enough for us to operate every day. However, if there are other needs, replacement is required.

  • How long should tires last on a Silverado?

According to many studies, the average number of tires equipped on Silverado can travel from 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

However, you can improve its durability with regular maintenance and proper operation of your vehicle.


There are many different options to meet your needs. The Michelin Defender LTX M/S is the perfect recommendation for highway travel. Meanwhile, BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 will be suitable for crossing dangerous roads.

In more severe snow and ice conditions, the Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 is the definitive version with enough lightweight and rapid acceleration.

I hope today's article has helped you find the best tires for Chevy Silverado 1500.

If you have any questions or experiences you want to share, don't hesitate to leave a comment right in the section below.

Thank you for reading!

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